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Diabetes Update: GlycoMark

June 1, 2005

By David Mendosa


A Deer Animal
With permission of Graham Jeffery

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My recent contribution is:

  • The GlycoMark Option
    Aren’t daily fingersticks and quarterly A1C checks enough? Maybe not.

    Now we can get a GlycoMark test. It has just become available in this country. Developed by two companies in Japan, it has, however, been used there for more than a decade.

    What it does best is to reflect blood glucose spikes after you eat. For people who have their diabetes under pretty good control that can be the key to doing even better.

    I wrote about the GlycoMark test for my “Meter News” column in the June issue of Diabetes Health magazine. My column is also online at

Research Notes:

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diabetes supplement
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