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Diabetes Update: Sof-Tact Meter

Number 10; April 2, 2001

By David Mendosa

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Special announcement:

MediSense launched its Sof-Tact blood glucose meter today.

I will be writing about it and other painless alternative site meters (the FreeStyle and the Ultra) for Diabetes Wellness Letter. A MediSense rep provided me with an advance copy last week.

I would like to interview people who have used the meter and whom I can contact before my deadline (April 12).

The meter has many advantages, but is not cheap. It goes for $199.95 and the strips are $49.95 for 50.

Right now it is available only by calling a toll-free MediSense number, (866) 763-8228.

You can read a very good preliminary review of the meter at the site at

Please write me if you are able to obtain a Sof-Tact in the next few days, particularly if you also are familiar with the FreeStyle and the Ultra.

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