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About Me

Let me introduce myself. My name is David Mendosa. David MendosaI am a freelance medical writer, advocate, and consultant specializing in diabetes.

I moved to Boulder, Colorado, in August 2004. The people here are open minded with a healthy emphasis on outdoor living. Boulder’s population is almost exactly 100,000, of whom one-fourth are University of Colorado students. The city is over a mile high, sited 25 miles north of Denver where the high plains meet the Rockies. Boulder has hundreds of miles of trails on the plains, foothills, and mountains. Hiking these trails with my camera is my favorite exercise.

You can read my short biography here.

You can take a look at my Résumé as well.

For an in-depth look, warts and all, see my autobiography: First came My Younger Years, then came My Radical Years, and finally My Mature Years.

Here I write about how I found love on the Internet and went on to marry my late wife Catherine.

Back in 2004, I gave a keynote address at Institute for the Future's Health Horizons Program. You can read the complete keynote here.

Most recently, HealthCentral's health guide on obesity interviewed me in a four-part series, "David Mendosa’s Journey from Sick and Obese to Total Wellness," at "Part 1: Becoming Obese and Diabetic," "Part 2: Losing a Lot of Weight," "Part 3: A Super Healthy Diet is Key," and "Part 4: Leading a Life Well Lived."

In 2011, Jenny Pavich and Jannick Kjaer interviewed me for their e-book, The Passionate Life: 16 Stories of People who Dared to RiskTheir interview with me in on pages 86 through 90. 

In 2010, Charlie Cherry and his associates interviewed me on "The Diabetes PowerShow" at "David Mendosa: The Father of Diabetes on the Web..."

In 2008, Jimmy Moore interviewed me in "Most Famous Diabetes Writer David Mendosa Chooses Low-Carb Living."

Back in 2000, Gina Tuttle of HealthTalk Interactive interviewed me in "Pathfinders: My Life with Diabetes."

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