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Exercise For Diabetes

Balance Exercise

Three people, none of whom know the others, happened to mention balance exercise to me on three consecutive days. I’ve learned to listen to coincidences like this, because the last time it happened like that, I listened and changed my life for the better. Continue Reading

Exercise For Diabetes

Stop Your Exercise

You know the old saying, “No pain, no gain.” You can forget it.

Your exercise program doesn’t have to be hard. A major study that JAMA, the journal of the American Medical Association published a few years ago, determined that you cut your risk of heart disease even if you do only light to moderate walking. The amount of time is more important than your pace. It is still the deed, not the speed. Continue Reading

Exercise For Diabetes

W is for Walking Sticks

Hike softly, carry walking stick. Those are two of the main maxims for the trail, whether or not you have diabetes.

The latter is among the least observed. I just came back from three days of wilderness hiking in northern Colorado. In all that time I saw few people on the trails and a lot fewer even who had sense enough to carry a walking stick or two. Continue Reading