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Diabetes Complications

Treating Kidney Disease

When we have healthy kidneys, little or no protein appears in the urine. But protein in the urine — technically called proteinuria — is an early sign that our diabetes has damaged the kidney’s filters. It’s a strong risk factor for kidney failure where the only treatment is dialysis.

A progression from diabetes to proteinuria to kidney failure is anything but inevitable. Each step can be a heads up for change.

Now, new studies show that a drug commonly used to treat problems of circulation can also decrease proteinuria. The drug is pentoxifylline, sold under the brand names of Pentoxil and Trental.
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Diabetes Medication

Stopping Aspirin

Every time we pop a pill we put our health at risk. Whether it is a prescription medication, an alternative supplement, or an over-the-counter remedy that we take to feel better, the pill can hurt instead of help us.

Every pill that does anything good for us can pack a surprise. These unintended side effects range from the unpleasant to the deadly.

Ever see an ad for a pill that “has no side effects”? These ads are a dead giveaway that they are either lying or that the pill has no effects. These are the only pills that may be safe — although we certainly would also be wasting our money.
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