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Lancing devices and lancets don’t get the respect they deserve. Not from those of us who have diabetes and need to test our blood glucose and not from the manufacturers.

Until recently we have had few choices, and most of them were nothing to write about. Meters we have in abundance, but it is the lancet where — if  we were automobiles —  the rubber meets the road.

You may not always get what you pay for, but you almost never get more. The best lancing system is the most expensive.

The Pelikan Sun electronic lancing device is far and away the best — and also far and away the most expensive. Even though Pelikan Technologies recently reduced the price of the system to $199, that’s not a price that casual testers would enjoy.
Full disclosure: I wrote one article under contract to Pelikan Technologies several years ago. The company also paid my way to the Children With Diabetes convention at Walt Disney World Resort near Orlando, Florida, a year ago.

It was, in fact, at that huge convention that Can-Am Care of Alpharetta, Georgia, introduced the Renew Advanced Lancing System. But until now few people have noticed it.

The Renew Advanced Lancing System uses a new lancing device and a disposable cartridge that contains 20 micro-lancets. This all-in-one system automatically advances to the next sterile micro-lancet. This is especially nice because, like the Pelikan Sun, you never have to touch a lancet.

The price of the Renew system is right. You can get a free sample. The website for the system says to call 1 (800) 461-7448 for it.

Diabetic Promotions currently offers the device for $10.99. It offers refills of
5 cartridges of 20 Micro-Lancets each for $11.99.

It’s worth a tryout. What do you have to lose besides your blood?

This article is based on an earlier version of my article published by HealthCentral.

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