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On-line Diabetes Resources

Part 3: Organizations and Charities Web Sites

By David Mendosa

Last Update: November 21, 2009

This Web page together in one place descriptions of and links to only those Web pages of organizations and charities dealing with diabetes, but is linked to the 15 other On-line Diabetes Resources pages dealing with other Web pages, other parts of the Internet, and other on-line services. Those links that I think are especially valuable are marked in red.

American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is far and away the leading organization concerned with diabetes and its huge Web site reflects that position.

You can learn about the association, become a member online, search their database to find the closest ADA office to you, read the contents and selected full text articles from Diabetes Forecast, learn about the latest research projects and download fact sheets on all aspects of diabetes. You can take an interactive Diabetes Risk Test. It also has a Spanish-language section, "La Diabetes y Los Latinos." Its URL is

    Added June 9, 2009:
  1. Adventures For The Cure is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization and cycling club that exists to raise awareness for diabetes, to show those diagnosed with diabetes and their families how leading a healthy and active lifestyle can move you beyond your perceived limits, and to raise funds for diabetes research. In addition to its own programs and services, such as Extreme Weekend for Children with Diabetes camp, the organization also raises awareness and funds for other causes that the board of directors has selected. The URL is

    Added May 20, 2009:

  2. The Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine, is an independent, nonprofit organization focusing on mammalian genetics research to advance human health. The organization studies the root causes of diabetes and also provides animal models for the disease to the worldwide research community. The Jackson Laboratory created some new content on its website that describes its research and resources and also puts a personal face on this disease through patient profiles and videos. The URL is

    New April 21, 2009:

  3. The Hormone Foundation is a non-profit organization that serves as a resource for the public by promoting the prevention, treatment, and cure of hormone-related conditions including diabetes through outreach and education. The URL is

    New July 17, 2007

  4. What is diabetes exactly? Diabetes is an incurable metabolic disorder characterized by abnormally high urine producation and excessive thirst. Although diabetes is incurable, there are several ways an individual may manage effects of diabetes. This site talks about different facets of diabetes and how to cope with them. The URL is

  5. Diabetes camps help people affected by diabetes lead healthier, happier, and more productive lives through good diabetes management. The Diabetes Education and Camping Association (DECA) provides leadership and education to better enable diabetes camps to fulfill this purpose. The URL is

  6. has developed content on diabetes and tells me that it is striving to be the most complete resource on the disease available. It offers a diabetes center with information on the disease, articles, living tips, and treatment options. The URL is

  7. The National Diabetes Audit is a national audit service sponsored by the British Healthcare Commission that supports the implementation of the Diabetes National Service Framework and aims to improve the quality of patient care for all people with diabetes in England. The URL is

  8. A professional diabetes coaching service is now being offered by a multidisciplinary team of Certified Diabetes Educators at Integrated Diabetes Services, a Philadelphia-area practice. Diabetes education and blood sugar management consultations are available to people with diabetes throughout the United States and abroad via phone, fax, mail, e-mail, and 1-on-1 live chat at the company's web site. "Just about everyone can manage their diabetes effectively with the proper training and coaching," says Gary Scheiner MS, CDE, owner and founder of Integrated Diabetes Services. "Every one of our educators has diabetes, so we have both the knowledge and the passion to help people with the things that concern them most — controlling blood sugars, diet, exercise, and avoiding hypoglycemia and long-term complications." Gary wrote the excellent book, Think Like a Pancreas, which I reviewed favorably at The URL is Integrated Diabetes Services is

  9. AYUDA — American Youth Understanding Diabetes Abroad — strives to raise awareness of and promote sustainable development for diabetes communities throughout the Americas by using youth as agents for change. By facilitating youth leadership programs and diabetes camps, AYUDA seeks to empower youth to act as agents for change within their communities. To run these programs, AYUDA recruits teams of dedicated American and International youth and medical professionals interested in making a difference in the lives of children living with diabetes abroad.

    AYUDA also offers volunteer opportunities in Ecuador for the 2005 summer. Volunteers will travel to Ecuador for 1 month (July 9 to August 8). While there they will take Spanish classes, work with the local foundation, and live with host families. During the final week the volunteers will serve as staff members at Campo Amigo Ecuador, the overnight camp for Ecuadorian children with diabetes. AYUDA is looking for volunteers who are between high school students and medical professionals. The URL is

  10. Diabetes Counseling is a service offered by Liz Birch, M.A. a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  She specializes in working with individuals and families whose lives have been touched by diabetes.  She says through therapy you can work on gaining a more realistic and optimistic attitude toward diabetes and with emotional strength you can better manage your now very structured life.  Liz has a son who was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in 1999, and she understands the emotional struggles that are connected with diabetes. Liz provides therapy sessions in the clients own home which is a unique service.  She provides services in Orange and Los Angeles Counties and can be reached at 714-614-0612.  To read more about her services you can go to

  11. The Diabetes Research Center in Tustin, California, performs pharmaceutical and device clinical research for the improvement of its patients quality of life. The result of its clinical trials may affect all patients with diabetes. The URL is

  12. Three-hundred schoolchildren and their families in Plymouth, UK, are taking part in the EarlyBird Diabetes Study, a 12-year project to find which factors in childhood lead to the development of diabetes in later life. The URL is

  13. The World Diabetes Foundation is a charity registered in Denmark established with a donation from Novo Nordisk. However, the majority of the board of directors are independent of Novo Nordisk. The URL is

  14. The Diabetes Clinic is an independent medical clinic in Ontario, Canada, specializing in the treatment of diabetes. The URL is

  15. Michael Hurney is a psychotherapist who offers diabetes counseling, psychotherapy, individual and group, couples therapy and bonding psychotherapy to clients from Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, D.C., at the Diabetes Counseling and Support Center in Beltsville, Maryland. He has master's degrees in clinical social work and food technology and is licensed to practice psychotherapy and counseling in Maryland and Virginia. Michael's expertise stems from his own 46-year battle with diabetes, during which time he has learned from many medical and other specialists to keep himself alive and well. He is a member of the Maryland Association of Diabetes Educators. The URL is

  16. The World Diabetes Foundation is dedicated to supporting prevention and treatment of diabetes in developing countries. Headquartered in Denmark, the organization is supported by Novo Nordisk A/S. The URL is

  17. P.E.D.S. is Pediatric Education for Children in Schools. The URL is

  18. The Saint-Laurent Diabetic Association in Saint-Laurent (near Montreal, Quebec, Canada) now has a bilingual English and French website. The URL is

  19. The Council for the Advancement of Diabetes Research and Education (CADRE) is a nonprofit organization committed to reducing the devastating complications of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes through achievement of tight metabolic control. To achieve this goal, CADRE provides health care professionals with scientific information and educational programs to enable them to manage and empower their patients with diabetes. Effectively managing diabetes requires both day-to-day disease management and up-to-date information on new discoveries and evolving therapies. Thus, CADRE programs support, highlight, and promote practical guidelines for patient education and management as well as cutting-edge research in diabetes pathophysiology and treatment. The URL is

    Updated April 21, 2009:

  20. Insulin for Life Australia is a not-for-profit organisation that collects and distributes insulin and other diabetes supplies that would otherwise be wasted. These are sent as a result of emergencies, and also on an ongoing, sustainable basis to recognised organizations and with agreed monitoring systems. The URL is

  21. Veterans with Diabetes International is a support group for veterans who have diabetes and pre-diabetes. The URL is

  22. Diabetes Exercise and Sports Association (formerly The International Diabetic Athletes Association) is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and provides education for people with diabetes regarding the benefits and risks of exercise. Its URL is

  23. TCOYD means Taking Control of Your Diabetes. The URL is

  24. The International Diabetes Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a division of Park Nicollet Institute, one of the four components of the integrated care system known as Park Nicollet Health Services, formerly HealthSystem Minnesota. The URL is

  25. Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Washington, D.C., dedicated to supporting education and research to enhance the quality of life for all people affected by diabetes. The organization's emphasis is on nutritional therapies for prevention and treatment. Its website offers a free "Ask the Diabetes Educator" page as well as a free educational booklet to people with diabetes. The URL is

  26. The Pacific Medical Research Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Redwood City, California, dedicated to the study, treatment, education, and eventual cure of diabetes and its physical complications. The URL is

  27. The Diabetes Resource Coalition of Long Island has as its mission to maximize the use of community resources to prevent, identify, and treat diabetes on Long Island, New York. The URL is

  28. Diabetes Christchurch and 36 other diabetes societies throughout New Zealand have a mascot named "Barnaby Bee" and a "Bee Aware" logo. The organizations use them for fundraising and identity purposes throughout New Zealand and now also in Australia. The URL is

  29. is sponsored by Prevent Blindness America, the oldest volunteer eye health organization in the United States. It offers extensive information for both the patient and healthcare providers communities. The URL is

  30. Nicole Johnson, Miss America of 1999, has had type 1 diabetes since 1993. Now she has founded Take the LEAD to assist patients, professionals, and care givers in gathering information and putting the information to use. The URL is

  31. Friends With Diabetes offers quality education about controlling diabetes and incorporating it into the Jewish tradition and lifestyle and helps clarify Halachos (Torah laws) involved in diabetes care. The URL is

  32. The Defeat Diabetes Foundation, known as the National Diabetes Foundation until approximately 1996, in Madeira Beach, Florida, is headed by its executive director, Andrew P. Mandell. The organization provides information and screening tests for people with diabetes, pre-diabetes, and the general public. Mr. Mandell, who is also known as Mr. Diabetes, has undertaken a 10,000 mile three-year walk to promote diabetes awareness. The organization's phone number is (727) 391-5050 and the URL is

  33. S.U.G.A.R. in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, is a charity created to help people with diabetes who need control devices or appliances such as insulin pumps or blood glucose meters. S.U.G.A.R. stands for Support Unlimited Guaranteed for Appliances Required. It primarily helps people in Canada. The URL is

  34. The Diabetes Camping Association with headquarters in Lacey's Spring, Alabama, provides leadership and education to advance diabetes camping programs. The site contains a directory of U.S. camps, international camps, and type 2 camps. The URL is

  35. Diabetics International Foundation - Diabetics World is a non-profit organization hosted by David Groves, founder of the CompuServe Diabetes Forum. The main objective is to disseminate information on diabetes and to stimulate interest in finding a cure. The URL is

  36. The Jewish Diabetes Association has been dedicated to serving the needs of individuals and their families facing the challenge of diabetes since 1985. It addresses mainstream diabetes concerns from nutrition to research as well as the unique dietary, social, and religious issues specific to the traditional Jewish lifestyle, such as fasting, adjustments for the irregular holiday meal schedule, and guidance in matters of marriage and parenthood. The JDA, a non profit, non sectarian organization, leads the way through proper care and education in addressing the challenges faced by Jewish individuals with diabetes. For more info go to

  37. The Martinsville - Henry County Diabetes Foundation in Martinsville, Virginia, has its own Web site. The URL is

  38. The Native American Times newspaper in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is hosting a national diabetes conference titled: Return to Your Roots Diabetes Conference, Conquering Diabetes Naturally. It will be October 15 and 16, 2001 in Tulsa. The URL is

  39. The seventh annual Pan Arab Conference on Diabetes will take place on October 25-28, 2002, in Cairo, Egypt. The URL is

  40. Islet Trials Referral and Update Service from the Insulin-Free World Foundation helps physicians and patients keep track of information emerging from islet trials around the world. The URL is

  41. Children's Diabetes Foundation of the North Bay in San Francisco was founded by Lynn Francisco, homemaker and mother of two. Her daughter Aran was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 1994 at age 2 1/2. The URL is

  42. The AIDA Diabetes Simulation Organisation is a not-for-profit non-commercial team specializing in the development of applications for modelling and simulating the effects of lifestyle changes (insulin/diet/exercise, etc.) on blood glucose levels. They maintain an opt-in mailing list for people who wish to be informed by e-mail about updates to their range of programs (AIDA for DOS, "AIDA on-line," and "AIDA for Windows" [to be released]). This can be accessed by sending a blank email note to: The URL is The AIDA U.S. mirror site can be accessed at

  43. Diabetics Anonymous in Sunnyvale, California, is a twelve step spiritual program based on Alcoholics Anonymous World but not affiliated with it. The URL is

  44. The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation in Washington, D.C., help find the cure for diabetes, and until that goal is achieved, to provide the care and self-management skills needed to combat the life-threatening complications of this terrible disease. It publishes the Diabetes Wellness News, a helpful monthly newsletter with nearly 60,000 subscribers. On September 28-29, 2002, the organization will sponsor the Diabetes Wellness Retreat and Healthy Living Choices Expo at the Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The URL is

  45. The Diabetes Center of Oklahoma offers evaluation, education, and counseling for people throughout the state with type 1 and type 2 diabetes and their families. The URL is

  46. The Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust formed in the UK in 1994 as a result of the experiences of the adverse effects that some people suffered when using synthetic "human" insulin. These effects had been raised by people with diabetes and their families since the mid-1980's but those people were not listened to and nor were their problems truly addressed and many were refused their right to return to the animal insulin that suited them better. The site also includes many articles of general interest to people with diabetes. The URL is

  47. The Diabetes Research Institute Foundation solely supports the Diabetes Research Institute at the University of Miami, a recognized world-leader in cure-focused research. Created in 1971 by a group of parents of children with diabetes, the funding received from the Foundation has allowed DRI scientists to maintain their mission while jump-starting promising ideas. The URL is

  48. The Children with Diabetes Foundation works with to assist people living with diabetes and to support the work of scientists and physicians throughout the world searching for a cure. The URL is

  49. The National Diabetes Center says it is a patient advocacy group for physicians. There's some good information here, but this Web site has to be the leading candidate for the worst-designed diabetes related Web site. The URL is

  50. The Diabetes Federation of Ireland, headquartered in Dublin, has basic information on diabetes on its Web site. It includes the Irish Tadpole Club, which is specifically for children with diabetes and their families. It is aimed at children up to twelve years of age, although there is no strict age limit, and has many family event activities. Since 1996 the organization has published a quarterly magazine, Identity, which comes with membership in the organization. The URL is

  51. The American Academy of Periodontology is a 7,000-member organization of dentists specializing in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tissues surrounding the teeth and in the placement of dental implants. Use the "site search" option on the organization's home page to find several articles about diabetes, which increases the risk of severe periodontal disease. Periodontal (gum) diseases are serious bacterial infections that destroy the attachment fibers and supporting bone that hold your teeth in your mouth. Left untreated, these diseases can lead to tooth loss. The organization offers a free brochure, Diabetes and Gum Disease by calling 1-800-FLOSS-EM or e-mailing The URL is

  52. The Center for Specialized Diabetes Foot Services of Mississippi has information about foot care at

  53. The National Diabetes Alliance consists of 10 regions, including the Diabetes Foundation of Rhode Island, the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi, and the Louisiana Diabetes Foundation. The URL is

  54. The Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi in Jackson, Mississippi, provides programs, services, and research to Mississippians affected by diabetes. The toll free phone number is (877) 336-2873 and the URL is

  55. The Louisiana Diabetes Foundation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, consists of 10 chapters. The phone number is (225) 927-0317 and the URL is

  56. Diabetes Care and Education is a dietetic practice group of the American Dietetic Association. The URL is

  57. The Diabetes Initiative of South Carolina in Charleston, South Carolina, is developing and implementing a comprehensive statewide plan of community outreach programs, health professional education, and diabetes surveillance. The phone number is (843) 876-0968 and the URL is

  58. Kids with Diabetes is a non-profit organization that provides charitable assistance to families with diabetic children. It also dispenses information to educate the general public regarding the diagnosis, treatment, and management of type 1 diabetes. Its programs include the Fun for Type 1 Playgroup, a monthly support group for kids and families with diabetes. At each meeting, there are games, fun activities, and informative guest speakers. The New Kids Program provides a helping hand during the critical time immediately after diagnosis. The Teen Mentors Program provides the teenager with diabetes help during this difficult age. And the Sharps Collection Program provide a safe, easy way to properly dispose of full sharps containers. The URL is

  59. The Charles Ray III Diabetes Foundation will encourage people with diabetes to carefully monitor their diabetes by providing glucose meters to those unable to afford the cost. The following companies have made a commitment to provide glucose meters to the foundation (when available): Roche Diagnostics (Accu-Chek), LifeScan Inc. (Profile), MediSense Inc. (ExacTech), and Bayer (Glucometer Elite). The URL is

  60. Amputation Prevention Global Resource Center is a collaborative effort between Boehringer Mannheim and Eli Lilly and Company. It includes some simple foot care tips that people with diabetes can use to reduce their chances of having foot problems like sores, cuts, and bruises that may lead to amputation. At least half of the amputations performed every year are due to complications of diabetes. And, nearly every one of those is preventable. The URL is

  61. The Michigan Diabetes Outreach Network includes six regional outreach networks located throughout the state. Its web site focuses on diabetes information for health care professionals. In addition, it has a calendar of events describing functions for people with diabetes and educational opportunities for health care professionals in Michigan. The URL is:

  62. Taking Control of Your DiabetesTM is a non-profit educational and motivational conference and health fair held in various cities around the United States. Steven V. Edelman, M.D., who himself has diabetes, leads the organization. The URL is

  63. Diabetes South Africa is a non-profit organization headquartered in Johannesburg with 13 branches around the country. It publishes Diabetes Focus, a quarterly magazine that is mailed free of charge to all paid-up national members of the association. The URL is

  64. The PADRE Foundation—Pediatric Adolescent Diabetes Research Education—serves families in Orange County, California, with children who have diabetes. The URL is

  65. Type One Diabetes Assistance & Enlightenment Inc. (TODAE) is a nonprofit organization in New Britain, Connecticut, dedicated to helping individuals and families living with diabetes. Led by Greg Falla, the site also has some heartwarming personal stories about living with diabetes. The URL is

  66. The National Certification Board for Diabetes Educators in Arlington Heights, Illinois, is the organization responsible for certifying Certified Diabetes Educators. Its Web site is

  67. The Aoki Diabetes Research Institute in Sacramento, California, is a non-profit organization founded in 1986 by Thomas T. Aoki, M.D., to further research efforts in the areas of diabetes and metabolism. ADRI is affiliated with the University of California, Davis, Medical School. The institute's e-mail address is and its URL is

  68. The Web site of the Joslin Diabetes Center has been redesigned and has a new URL. Affiliated with Harvard Medical School, Joslin is an international leader in diabetes research, treatment, and patient and professional education established in 1898 in Boston, Massachusetts. The site includes threaded discussion groups moderated by a clinical social worker and diabetes educator at the Joslin Diabetes Center, a site search engine, a "Beginner's Guide" for individuals new to diabetes, recent diabetes news, a more extensive and user-friendly diabetes library, information on the center, its programs, and its nationwide affiliates, as well as Joslin summer camps for children, job opportunities, and volunteer and research volunteer opportunities at Joslin. The URL is

  69. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International is a not-for-profit, voluntary health agency whose mission is to support and fund research to find a cure for diabetes and its complications. JDRF gives more money directly to diabetes research than any other private health agency in the world, according to its Web site at:

  70. The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Australia, a non-profit health organization affiliated with New York-based Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International, has its own Web page. The URL is

  71. The web site of the Canadian Diabetes Association is one of the first sites that people with diabetes living in Canada should visit. In addition to information on its divisions and branches, the CDA's site has articles about diabetes and new developments in the field. Its URL is

  72. The Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana is a not-for-profit group whose mission is to improve the lives of children with diabetes and their families. Its URL is

  73. The Diabetics Division of the National Federation of the Blind is a support and information network for all people with diabetes, especially those who are blind or losing vision. Its URL is

  74. AADEnet is the official site of the American Association of Diabetes Educators, headquartered in Chicago. The site includes a directory of the organization's 10,000 members, on-line conferences, and legislative updates. The organization has two URLs that lead to the same place: and

  75. AACE On-Line is the Web site of the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists. Here you can find the AACE's guidelines for the management of diabetes. The URL is

  76. The Islet Foundation in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (TIF) was formed exclusively for the purpose of funding human trials of what appears to be a promising cure for diabetes, namely the transplantation of microencapsulated pig islets without the use of toxic immunosuppressive drugs. In the September 15, 1996, issue of The Journal of Clinical Investigation, which is linked at this site, Dr. Tony Sun at University of Toronto reported success curing diabetes in monkeys through this method, without adverse effects. The URL is

  77. The Human Biological Data Interchange (HBDI) in Philadelphia, a program of the National Disease Research Interchange, was founded in 1988 in partnership with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International to provide a resource to researchers in their search for the diabetes genes. HBDI tells me that they continue to have an interest in registering new patients with type 1 diabetes and their families. Researchers continue to come to them as a source of both information and genetic data on type 1 diabetes, its complications. and related autoimmune disorders. In particular, they have had recent focus on the following areas: families with three or more siblings affected by type 1 diabetes and neonatal diabetes (type 1 diabetes diagnosed before 12 months of age). Researchers are finding that these patients represent new subtypes of type 1 diabetes that can, in some cases, be treated with drugs other than insulin injections. The URL is

  78. The Federation of European Nurses in Diabetes (FEND) intends to develop and promote the professional status of the diabetes nurse throughout Europe. It also aims to influence European health care policy relevant to diabetes care and research, and to promote acceptable standards and equity of care for people with diabetes throughout Europe. Its URL is

  79. Diabetes Association of Greater Cleveland has designed a most attractive Web page. The special events section is especially useful for people with diabetes in Northeast Ohio. The URL is

  80. Diabetes UK is the new name for the British Diabetic Association in London, England. It has a comprehensive Web page. The URL is

  81. The National Diabetes Education Initiative (NDEI) Web site for healthcare professionals is an online resource for medical education programs on type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. The site's features include "News Watch and Literature Alert," which provides information about the most recent diabetes research and news (updated every 2 weeks); "Sightings," which points out interesting features from other web sites (updated every 3 weeks); "Diabetes Data," which features slides and lectures from the NDEI collection (updated every month); and "Events," which lists all NDEI related and major international meetings (updated weekly). The URL is

  82. The International Diabetes Institute in Melbourne, Australia, has a new Web site and URL. The URL is

  83. The Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation provides free medical alert ID necklaces and diabetes self-management diaries and educational literature upon request and publishes the Diabetes Wellness Letter. The address is 1206 Potomac St. N.W., Washington, DC 20007. The helpline phone number is (800) 941-4635; the subscription line is (888) 321-2219, and the office is (202) 298-9211. The URL is

  84. The Whittier Institute for Diabetes in La Jolla, California, is the diabetes research and patient care arm of ScrippsHealth, one of the major hospital groups in San Diego County, California. Since 1994, The Whittier Institute has operated a joint program with the University of California, San Diego. The UCSD/Whittier Diabetic Prevention Program is looking for volunteers age 25 and older who have impaired glucose tolerance. About 20 percent will be 65 and older and more than half will be from minority groups at high risk for developing diabetes. The URL is

  85. Sansum Medical Research Institute, a research center in Santa Barbara, California, devoted to the prevention, treatment, and cure of diabetes, explains its research, history, and current projects on its new Web site. Of particular interest is information about the Santa Barbara Diabetes Project, a worldwide collaboration to find a cure for type 1 diabetes. The URL is

  86. The Philadelphia-based Diabetes Education and Research Center is a non-profit organization dedicated to the improved health of people with diabetes. The center provides training and education to people with diabetes, their families, and caregivers, conducts research, and is involved in local and national diabetes forums. The site includes a chat area and tips for managing your diabetes. The URL is

  87. The International Diabetes Federation is an umbrella organization of 164 member associations in 130 countries headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Every three years the federation holds an international gathering of the global diabetes community. The URL is

    An important feature on the IDF site is the E-Atlas, based on the printed diabetes atlas, Diabetes Atlas 2000. It lets you compare prevalence data, prices of insulin and health expenditure in 128 countries. Its address is

    Another important feature on the IDF site is a contact list of IDF member associations around the world. The address of this web page is

  88. The Endocrine Society, based in Bethesda, Maryland, is comprised of more than 8,500 scientists and physicians in 72 countries. The phone number is (301) 941-0200. An especially useful part of the society's site is its pages about "Eye On Washington: Legislative & Regulatory Update." The society publishes four scientific journals (The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, Endocrinology, Molecular Endocrinology and Endocrine Reviews), that may be accessed on-line by its members. The URL is

  89. The Society for Endocrinology, headquartered in Bristol, England, is the major endocrine society outside North America with about 1600 members. It publishes the Journal of Endocrinology, Journal of Molecular Endocrinology, Endocrine-Related Cancer, and Clinical Endocrinology. Full text versions of the society's review articles and commentaries dating back to January 1996 are now freely available on-line whether or not you are a member. The URL is

  90. Nevada Diabetes Association for Children and Adults Diabetes Information Center is a non-profit organization in Reno that was founded to help people with diabetes in Nevada find local resources and information. Mylan Hawkins is the executive director. The local phone number is (702) 856-3839, or if you are out of the area you can call (800) 379-3839. The URL is

  91. Dietitians of Canada is an association of food and nutrition professionals committed to the health and well-being of Canadians. You can read the site's pages in either English or French. The URL is

  92. "Diabetes Trust Fund Inc." in Birmingham, Alabama, is a nonprofit health organization dedicated to the prevention and/or cure of diabetes. The URL is

  93. "The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD)" in Düsseldorf, Germany, is based on individual membership and includes scientists, physicians, and laboratory workers interested in diabetes and related subjects. Its official journal is Diabetologia. Dr. Viktor Jörgens is the association's executive director. This site includes information about the annual meetings of the EASD. The most recent one in Barcelona in 1998 was attended by 10,000 diabetologists. The URL is

  94. "The Nephrogenic Diabetes Insipidus Foundation" is about a disease that is different from diabetes mellitus, but is often confused with it. That's why it's listed here. Nephrogenic diabetes insipidus is a condition in which the urine is not concentrated. This is caused by the kidneys' failure to respond to antidiuretic hormone (ADH). Produced by the pituitary gland, ADH is the messenger which tells the kidneys to keep a certain amount of water in the body before eliminating the remainder as urine. In an NDI patient, the kidneys do not react to the request to process some water for the body's needs and, instead, constantly route most water out as urine. The URL is

  95. "The Diabetes Insipidus Foundation Inc." in Baltimore, Maryland, is about the four different types of diabetes insipidus—a DIfferent type of diabetes. The four types are Neurogenic, also known as central, hypothalamic, pituitary or neurohypophyseal is caused by a deficiency of the antidiuretic hormone vasopressin; Nephrogenic, also known as vasopressin-resistant is caused by insensitivity of the kidneys to the effect of the antidiuretic hormone vasopressin; Gestagenic, also known as gestational is also caused by a deficiency of the antidiuretic hormone vasopressin that occurs only during pregnancy; and Dipsogenic, a form of primary polydipsia is caused by abnormal thirst and the excessive intake of water or other liquids. The organization's e-mail address is and its phone is (410) 247-3953. The URL is

  96. The "International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes" is now on-line. The URL is

  97. The Diabetes Society of Santa Clara Valley (the San Jose area of California) is an especially good local Web site for people with diabetes. I particularly like the page about camps. The URL is

  98. The Diabetes Institutes Foundation supports the research, clinical care, and education programs of the Leonard R. Strelitz Diabetes Institutes at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia. The institutes search for a cure to diabetes through islet cell regeneration and in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy. Dr. Aaron I. Vinik, a leading diabetes researcher, is the director of the Diabetes Research Institute. The URL is

  99. The Korean Diabetes Association, under the direction of President Soon-Hyun Shinn, M. D., invites delegates and members to support its application to host the 2006 Congress of the International Diabetes Federation (IDF). The URL is

  100. Sugar Free Racing is the official site of the Diabetes Home Care-sponsored Sugar Free Racing Team. The site's Webmaster is Barry Buchan, a member of his father's Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) race team. The URL is

  101. The Diabetes Research Laboratories, situated in the Radcliffe Infirmary, are an integral part of the Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Oxford. The DRL, founded in 1976, is the largest clinical diabetes research unit in the UK and consists of a consortium of four research groups. More than 80 doctors, nurses, research fellows, technicians, statisticians and administrative staff work on a variety of studies, particularly in relation to Type 2 diabetes. The URL is

  102. Diabetes New Zealand headquartered in Oamaru, New Zealand, is a national body representing 32 Societies, the Diabetes Foundation, and the New Zealand Society for the Study of Diabetes. It publishes the magazine Breakthrough and has a comprehensive Web site at

  103. Diabetes Australia - Victoria has a basic Web site. The URL is

  104. Mid Maine Diabetes focuses on support and services available in that area. The URl is

  105. The Diabetes Treatment Center at Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center offers a comprehensive program of inpatient and outpatient treatment and consultation services for people with diabetes and their families. These include a wide range of services such as a comprehensive outpatient program focusing on nutrition and wellness education, an acute inpatient program and specialized consultations. In July 2010 Desert Springs also became the first inpatient diabetes program in the U.S. to receive a Certificate of Distinction for Advanced Inpatient Diabetes Care from The Joint Commission (the national organization that accredits healthcare organizations across the U.S.). The URL is

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