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Diabetes Medication

Stopping Aspirin

Every time we pop a pill we put our health at risk. Whether it is a prescription medication, an alternative supplement, or an over-the-counter remedy that we take to feel better, the pill can hurt instead of help us.

Every pill that does anything good for us can pack a surprise. These unintended side effects range from the unpleasant to the deadly.

Ever see an ad for a pill that “has no side effects”? These ads are a dead giveaway that they are either lying or that the pill has no effects. These are the only pills that may be safe — although we certainly would also be wasting our money.
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Diabetes Myths

Most of us believe in some of the myths about diabetes. Even the American Diabetes Association.

The ADA has a pretty good list of what it thinks are the main myths. But a lot of us think that its “myth #5” is in fact a fact. “If you have diabetes, you should only eat small amounts of starchy foods, such as bread, potatoes and pasta,” the ADA says. Continue Reading


ADA Chicago

Dateline Chicago: The American Diabetes Association is not only the largest diabetes charity with a national outreach to all of us who have diabetes. But it is also the leading professional organization in the world. Continue Reading