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Diabetes Diet

ADA Endorses Low-Carb for Weight Loss

Low-carb advocates are already jumping all over the American Diabetes Association for the new “Nutrition Recommendations” that the organization published yesterday. That policy statement, published in a supplement to the January 2008 issue of Diabetes Care, provides only limited endorsement of a low-carb diet. It’s good only for weight loss and only effective for up to a year, they maintain. Continue Reading

Diabetes Diet

Eat Fat, Grow Thin

The conventional wisdom of our health professionals is that a calorie is a calorie. “From a purely thermodynamic point of view, this is clear because the human body or, indeed, any living organism cannot create or destroy energy but can only convert energy from one form to another.” Continue Reading

Diabetes Diet

Making Better Muffins

One of the advantages of having diabetes is the chance to try all sorts of different, new, and exciting foods. Maybe you haven’t experienced that yet, but people all over the country keep sending me diabetes-friendly products to try.

Most of them are healthy and tasty. Anyway, none of them have poisoned me yet. One of the most surprisingly good foods that I’ve had the pleasure of eating arrived a couple of days ago. Continue Reading

Diabetes Diet

Why and How to Eat Local

The growing movement to eat locally grown food attracts most people because it’s good for the planet. But it’s good for our own bodies too.

Those of us who have diabetes are especially concerned with good nutrition. We have to be sure to get high quality without the large quantity of food that most of our fellow Americans eat. Earlier I wrote here that we know that organic food is more nutrient dense than the standard supermarket stuff. Continue Reading