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Social Costs of Weight

Those of us who have diabetes pay a physical cost for it that we know all too well. But many of us aren’t aware of the social cost that we pay for being overweight, which usually accompanies our diabetes.

Fat prejudice is even more subtle than our society’s racial and gender biases and those against and gays and lesbians. Our most recent prejudice, of course, is that against those of the Muslim faith from the Middle East, and that prejudice is anything but subtle. Now, however, social scientists know how to measure fat prejudice.
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Diabetes Diet

The Carbohydrate Brain Fuel Myth

We distort knowledge faster than things. Some things are so easy to assemble that “even a child can do it” in outer space. But even children know that information disassembles all too readily.

Children learn by playing the game of telephone that information gets garbled as it gets passed along. Too bad that medical writers don’t know that basic lesson.

That’s why that although I am also a medical writer about diabetes, I don’t ask you to trust me. Unlike almost everyone who prepares medical articles for the Internet, I link the primary sources so you can see that it’s not just my opinion or a secondary source that other medical writers at secondary sources like Reuters Health write. Continue Reading

Diabetes Diet

Eggs Improve Cholesterol

My breakfast this morning was two strips of bacon, two eggs, and coffee. This is pretty much the American standard, except that I left out the usual toast, jelly, and hash browns that would have given me more carbohydrates than I wanted. Of course, I added a little salt and hot sauce to my eggs as well as some fresh herbs and a lot of chia seeds.
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Food Science Cynicism

Newspaper reporters can be notoriously cynical. It’s an occupational hazard that comes from covering the seamy side of life, often because they start out on the police beat where they see people at their worst.

I was fortunate to start my journalistic career in sports and to move on to small business and now to write about health, specifically diabetes. So I avoided the cynicism that seems to come with the territory. Until now.

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Diabetes Diet

ADA Endorses Low-Carb for Weight Loss

Low-carb advocates are already jumping all over the American Diabetes Association for the new “Nutrition Recommendations” that the organization published yesterday. That policy statement, published in a supplement to the January 2008 issue of Diabetes Care, provides only limited endorsement of a low-carb diet. It’s good only for weight loss and only effective for up to a year, they maintain. Continue Reading