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Diabetes Medication

C is for Cure

When I was in the Army years ago, I heard a lot of different obscenities. Nowadays, however, the one I hear is the word “cure.”

It’s the four-letter word of diabetes. It is obscene because, as a dictionary says, obscenity is “abhorrent: offensive to the mind.” Continue Reading

Diabetes Testing

F is for Failure

This article wants to be excused for jumping the queue. Since it is hot news, this article skips over what C, D, and E are for, which are patiently waiting for their turns.

But we do know that F is for Failure. Don’t take it personally. I’m not talking here about you or me. I’m talking about the failure of non-invasive blood glucose meters. Continue Reading

Diabetes Medication

B is for Byetta

At first I couldn’t decide whether B was for Byetta or for better. Then I realized that it didn’t matter.

Byetta is better. It is better at helping people with type 2 diabetes to lose weight than anything else. And the longer I use it the better it helps me at controlling my appetite and increasing my exercise. Byetta is pretty darn good too at bringing down our A1C. Continue Reading