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On-line Diabetes Resources

Part 8: Personal Web Sites

By David Mendosa

Last Update: April 23, 2009

This Web page brings together in one place descriptions of and links to only those personal Web pages dealing with diabetes, but is linked to the 15 other On-line Diabetes Resources pages dealing with other Web pages, other parts of the Internet, and other on-line services. Those links that I think are especially valuable are marked in red.

    Added April 23, 2009:

  1. The Moderate Approach to Controlling Type 2 Diabetes is David Bogert's website to share his research on type 2 diabetes. The URL is

    Added January 18, 2008:

  2. Dirk Baeuerle sure has the right idea with his "Healthy Changes for Life" blog. It is his online diary about his battle with type 2 diabetes and shows what he eats, his glucose levels, and diary entries. The URL is

    Added October 12, 2007:

  3. In "My Diabetes Space" Annette Richardson tells about her experience of having type 1 diabetes for half a century. The URL is

  4. Hiking with Diabetes is Mike MacFerrin's personal guide to managing type 1 diabetes in the back country. However, this web page has a lot of great tips for people with type 2 diabetes too. The URL is

  5. When Jim Moore was diagnosed with type two diabetes, he had a lot of questions. Here are some of the answers he found. The URL is

  6. is the website of David Hite, PhD. This website (and the related diabetes educational DVD) is designed to help people with diabetes or those who may be at risk for diabetes. The URL is

  7. is the website of Tom Kingery, who has type 1 diabetes. He says that he is the proud new husband to his beautiful wife Colleen, who is also his business partner, marathon running partner, and fellow triathlete. Tom has been a marathon runner and triathlete since 2000, four years prior to his diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in February 2004. He will compete in the Florida Ironman on November 3, 2007, to raise funds for the Central Ohio Diabetes Association. The URL is

  8. Maury M. Breecher, PhD, MPH, has had type 2 diabetes since 1995. His website, DiabetesReviews, includes several of his articles. The URL is

  9. Paul J.Tubiana offers his “Diabetes Case Study.” The URL is

  10. is for Lisa Bishop’s daughter, Isobel, who has had type 1 diabetes since she was 7. It gives their philosophy and hopefully offers hope to other parents that there is a way to live healthy despite what you have been told and taught by most doctors. Isobel has an A1C of 5.7 percent and their goal is to get that below 5.5 percent. The URL is

  11. Todd Hoff in Los Gatos, California, is the author of “So You Have Diabetes,” but he apparently doesn’t want you to know that. Nowhere does the site give a hint about who wrote it, except that the author has type 2 diabetes. I had to search other parts of the site, where I found an email address for him matching a newsgroup message he wrote about the site. Then I found his phone number and did a reverse directory search that showed the phone listed to one Linda Coleman, who also has a home page on the site. You have to wonder why the authorship is so disguised…

  12. Laura Menninger offers a positive twist on diabetes — to live with it, not die from it. The URL is

  13. is a website dedicated to parents of children with type 1 diabetes. "We understand the emotional toll daily diabetes management takes on a child and family," Webmaster Russell Turner writes me. "We provide information for parents to help identify and prepare for these stresses. We offer this information in a warm, heart-felt, non-clinical style. This emphasis is an intimate family concern, best dealt with love, understanding, and even a little bit of humor." The URL is

  14. Paul J.Tubiana offers him experiences as a "Diabetes Case Study: A New Perspective on Type 1 and Type 2." The URL is

  15. "Diabetes without Complications!" is Jonathan Christie's website. He is 52 and has been been dependent on insulin since he was 38. Neverthess, his glycosylated hemoglobin and blood chemistry are normal, so he sees no reason why people with diabetes should develop complications or suffer a shortened life expectancy. He says that he lost confidence in the medical profession and now keeps his own counsel about his diabetes, except as necessary. "Years of self-experimentation…have taught me what works best for me," he writes. The URL is

  16. Kathleen Weaver in Farmers Branch, Texas, has the first blog devoted to diabetes. The URL is

  17. Jason Gross says on his website that on July 4, 2004, he will set out from New York City and run all the way to Los Angeles to raise money and awareness for the American Diabetes Association. He plans averaging 20-30 miles of running per day until he reaches the West Coast after approximately 3,300 miles. The URL is

  18. Robert G. Spiro has 50 years of experience with type 1 diabetes—and half a century since becoming a medical doctor. His strict control enables him to live without complications. He is now Professor Emeritus at Harvard Medical School (Biological Chemistry and Medicine) and Senior Investigator Emeritus at the Joslin Diabetes Center. The URL is
  19. Tim Grysko, a twenty-one year old college senior at the University of Central Florida who has diabetes, has established Highlights of the site are translations into Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German, live chat, and lots of information about diabetes—&most of it taken from other sites. The URL is

  20. The Kent Diabetes Info Website is Paul Foreman's contribution. He was diagnosed with diabetes in 2001, when he was 35. He says that he developed the site as a one stop central store of information to help all those people in Kent, England, who have diabetes "and hopefully those further afield." The URL is

  21. Len Lutz, who has had diabetes for 46 years, tells how he controls it. The URL is

  22. Brian Carter has had Type 1 diabetes since 1992. He is a Web designer and has built an extensive Web site about diabetes. The URL is

  23. The Cellscience Focus on Diabetes is a nicely organized collection of links from Rhodri J. Walters Ph.D., director and webmaster for Cellscience. The URL is

  24. Steve and Lynda have a quite personal, very nice, and really extensive Web site. The URL is

  25. Diabetiker-Mailbox is a personal Web site in German and English. Hugo R. Vogel of Sonnenbühl, Germany, is responsible for its contents. Much of its content relates to non-invasive meters, not always up-to-date. The URL is

  26. Rick Bollar has an attractive and interesting page about his experiences with diabetes. The URL is

  27. Hypostasis is an Australian site designed primarily for people with type 1, but also for their friends and family, and anyone with an interest in the disease. The purpose of the site is to offer peer support through a variety of links, a message forum, and a place to submit articles, anecdotes, and stories. Victoria (Tori) Davidson is the Webmaster and Andrew Elston, both of whom have type 1 diabetes, is the editor-in-chief. The URL is

  28. Childrens Diabetes Games and Books enables free downloading of games and books about type 1 diabetes for young children. The Webmaster, Sandy Hollenberg, is working on Spanish and French translations. The URL is

  29. is dedicated to providing information about islet cell research and transplants for people with type 1 diabetes. Anthony Pecora , the webmaster, speaks from experience because on February 1, 2002, he was the first recipient in the U.S. to receive an islet cell transplant under the expanded worldwide Edmonton Protocol. The URL is

  30. Dan Perry's Islets of Hope is about Dan's wait for islet cells transplants in Edmonton. It describes what Dan is going through and what it is like for someone with Type 1 diabetes. The URL is

  31. Diabetes Help Foundation is the personal site of Veronica Castellana Veronica Castellana in Tampa, Florida, about children and teens who have diabetes. The URL is

  32. was created as a virtual support group, exclusively for children with diabetes mellitus and their parents. The goal is to provide a private setting for communication and information exchange amongst families affected by Type 1 diabetes. The URL is

  33. "It's if anything," Webmaster Ross Stevens says his site is "a personal, and completely different take on the subject, created by my skills as a graphic designer and comic book artist." The URL is

  34. Daniel Hertrich's Diabetes Index is in English although he is in Germany. His site focuses on software for people with diabetes, palmtop diabetes data management, and basal rate administration. The URL is

  35. Jim Dumas offers a quick look at the Glucose Transform method for estimating insulin action from measured glucose data. The URL is

  36. Diabetes Today is Bobbie's compliation of information and links about diabetes. The URL is

  37. Team Diabetes is Katherine Korol's Web page in support of the American Diabetes Association and its annual marathon. The URL is

  38. Betty Jimenez, the editor of was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 1998. She is an online and in print author with over 20 years experience, and over 100 articles, commentaries, and reviews currently in print. Her Web site has lots of good articles by herself and others and is attractively presented. The URL is

  39. is dedicated to providing news, forums and chat, services, and games for the kids to people with diabetes. Webmaster Adam is 36 and has type 1 diabetes. The URL is

  40. Diabetes Support is Todd Gillespie's site. The URL is

  41. Diabetes Bulletin Board includes many Web articles about diabetes. The Webmistress is Marie Stroughter, mother of a newly diagnosed todler. The URL is

  42. The Diabetic Website is supposedly to run by people with diabetes for other people with diabetes, but includes no identification. It includes a 116-page manual, which you can download, and rather inactive discussion groups and chat rooms. The manual is not up to date and includes many errors and questionable statements. The URL is

  43. The "Helen Rose Hill Walking Diary April 2001: Diabetes" is the title of the article. Helen Rose is the pseudonym of an adventurous woman living in Glasgow, Scotland, who doesn't let her diabetes stop her from climbing hills and mountains. The URL is

  44. Type Two Diabetes Stories is the Web site of Malcolm Graham, an information engineer who is a technical writer/manager in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The site is based on his own research and experiences. The site has two URLs: and

  45. Nicole Johnson was crowned Miss America 1999 in September 1998 and spent her 12-month term of service educating the public about the "hidden killer" of diabetes. After completing her term as Miss America 1999, Nicole moved on to become an international spokesperson for numerous organizations promoting diabetes awareness. The URL is

    Bob Connors's Web page, Bob's Good Stuff Lists, includes a message forum and chat room. The URL is

  46. is a type 1 diabetes site designed for teenagers (its wild design certainly doesn't attract old fogies). "I have called our teenage site REDUCED FAT because its the one thing that we all have to be aware of," writes Webmaster Philip Johnston. "If you want facts, straight talking and information then look no further than the best Scottish web site on diabetes. The site is produced by a father who has cared for his son's diabetes over the last 10 years and has produced three highly acclaimed childhood medical videos on diabetes." The URL is

  47. Grant's Diabetes Town is Jeff and Tish Mocker's site in honor of their son Grant, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at age 21 months. This very attractively designed site is full of excellent information. The URL is

  48. The Diabetics Unite Homepage is Deanna Stewart-Gaston's contribution. This site encourages people with diabetes and their loved ones to become involved in diabetes cure research and projects to support cure research. See specifically her article, which tells her story and has a Canadian perspective. The URL is

  49. "Phlextech's Diabetes Page" is actually Wayne Jenkins's in Azusa, California. The URL is

  50. Jon's Diabetes Web Site is to inform people about diabetes, what it is, and what it does. Jon, who says he is a teenager with type 1 diabetes, designed this attractive site himself. The URL is

  51. Marshall's Diabetes Page focuses on pumps because of the Disetronic pump that Marshall E. Jackson uses. The URL is

  52. Success Story - How Diet and Exercise Helped my Diabetes is Arnold J. Gold's contribution to the Web. The URL is

  53. Where's the Beef? This site reports Dave Groves's attempt to import CP Hypurin Beef insulin from the UK now that Lilly has ceased production of Iletin I beef-pork insulin. The URL is

  54. The "Diabetes Type IIr Resource and Discussion Page" is a response to the reality that most of the existing on-line resources for diabetics "are heavily slanted to the problems, needs and issues of the Type I insulin dependent diabetic." So says Webmaster Harvey Wagner. His new site is under construction. The URL is

  55. The Family's Guide to Diabetes is a guide for diabetic kids and their families based on the experience of 15-year-old Ryan Dinkgrave of Livonia, Michigan. The site now includes a bulletin board and a chat room. The URL is

  56. Scott Saunders is 21 years old and is interested in hearing from anyone with diabetes. His home page is dedicated to his annoying condition and to anyone else who has to put up with four injections every bloody day. The URL is

  57. Bruce MacDougall, professor of landscape architecture and regional planning at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst includes mostly his "own stuff, mainly things I have posted to CompuServe over the years, including the full text of the statement of Areteus the Cappadocian about diabetes (around 300 AD)." He also has very helpful links to several Web pages on the history of diabetes. The URL is

  58. "Chapter 1 Discovering insulin" is the start of Maria Gertrudis Wilhelmina Turkenburg-van Diepen's 1996 Ph.D. thesis for the department of chemistry at the University of York. The URL is

  59. Arlene Shapiro's page, "Diabetes Miscellany," focuses on the Gray Ribbon Campaign. Inspired by the recent untimely deaths of two young people, her site also includes "The Diabetes Memorial Quilt" at as a memorial to all who have died from diabetes and its complications. The URL of her home page is

  60. Kids Learn About Diabetes is by and for kids. This site was founded and designed by Brendan Hannemann of Troop 1140, Springfield, Virginia, for his Eagle Scout service project. It was supported principally by Scouts and Scouters from Troop 1140 and by an endocrinologist. His family also gave him much support. Brendan, 16, does not have diabetes himself, but both his sister, nine-year-old Vicky, and brother, 13-year-old Chris do, and helped with the site. The site says that "while all of the material has been cleared by a real doctor who specializes in working with children who have diabetes, it was written and tested by kids—some who have diabetes." The site has a tutorial or teaching version that takes you through all of the material in order, or you can use its table of contents. The URL is

  61. DiabetesNet: an Online Guide to Diabetes is Brandon West personal home page. It is attractively presented with some general good information. Brandon is 15, has diabetes, and lives in East Amherst, New York.

  62. I hesitate to categorize the Web site of an endocrinologist here with the personal Web sites. But Ikram Ismail, an endocrinologist at the University of Malaya's Department of Medicine in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia has a quite personal Web page, including contributions from his children. The URL is

  63. The Diabetics Unite Homepage includes a powerful article about diabetes from someone, Deanna Gaston, who knows it personally. The URL is

  64. "Riding Motorcycles on Insulin" is Gary's forum for motorcycle riders who also happen to have type 1 diabetes. It includes some profiles and articles about riding on insulin, storing insulin, avoiding on-the-road lows, on-the-road testing, portable snacks, and what every rider running on insulin should have. The URL is

  65. The "Michael E. Zimmerman Memorial Page" is dedicated to the memory of this young man who passed away at the age of 34 from diabetic kidney complications. His mother, Martha H. Whirley, is selling his Star Trek collection to help pay for his funeral expenses and is donating half the proceeds to the American Diabetes Association and the National Kidney Foundation. The URL is

  66. "Erik Wolds Diabetes Info" is mainly in Norwegian but also in English. Erik Wold's site focuses on insulin pumps, including pictures of the Disetronic pump and a FAQ.

  67. "True Confessions (On Diabetes)" by Lois Jovanovic, M.D., is excerpted from the book The Diabetic Woman: All Your Questions Answered by Lois Jovanovic, M.D., June Biermann, and Barbara Toohey, 1996 and is reprinted with permission of the author. Dr. Jovanovic is a world-famous endocrinologist who happened to develop diabetes during her endocrine/metabolism fellowship after becoming a doctor and completing her medical residency. She writes that, "The truth was difficult to admit publicly. I thought my credibility as a physician and a scientist would be harmed....Surprisingly, I found out that my diabetes actually enhanced my credibility." The URL is

  68. "Diabetes_and_You" is the story of Mary Brown's life with diabetes and how it has made her a strong, independent woman. The URL is

  69. Amanda's & Donna's Diabetic Home Page is the site of 13-year-old Donna Sugarman, who lives in Leeds, England, and who has had diabetes for six years, and of her mother, Amanda, who has had diabetes for more than 30 years. The URL is

  70. Diabetes Knowledge has up-to-date news and research stories on diabetes. There's a special section for children to submit their photos and art work. It also includes a software section for glucose meters and product reviews. Dennis Cardone is the Webmaster. The URL is

  71. "The Trip to Acceptance" is an article about how Catherine McRae came to accept that her four-year old son had type 1 diabetes. The URL is

  72. The "British Diabetic Children's Page" is the Web site of Ian and Sandra Holmes, who live in the North of England. Their 5-year-old daughter Alison has had diabetes since she was 2. "We want this new site to develop into a contact place for parents and children who have to live with diabetes," they write. The URL is

  73. The Diabetes Support Message Board is a Web site where people can post questions, suggestions, advice, or whatever about diabetes. The contribution of Darcy, the URL is

  74. John Neale's Diabetes Guide is both a general resource—his own views, feelings, and opinions on type 1 diabetes—and a window onto how he treats his diabetes with an insulin pump. The URL is

  75. Marie McCourt has had diabetes for 19 years. "After many years of being a 'brittle' diabetic, and having many complications, I decided to really educate myself and be healthy," she writes. Marie is a staff member for Microsoft Network's Disease and Disorder Community for Diabetes. The URL for her page is

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