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On-line Diabetes Resources

Part 9: Non-English Web Sites

By David Mendosa

Last Update: July 9, 2010

This Web page brings together in one place descriptions of and links to only those Web pages in languages other than English dealing with diabetes, but is linked to the 15 other On-line Diabetes Resources pages dealing with other Web pages, other parts of the Internet, and other on-line services. Those links that I think are especially valuable are marked in red.

Other Resources

Please also note the Diabetes Monitor's excellent resource, DIABETES on the Web: Websites Multilinguisticos, for additional sites in Chinese, Danish, Dutch/Nederlands, French/Français, German/Deutsch, Italian/Italiano, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese/Português, Spanish/Español, and Swedish/Svensk.

A very useful on-line translation resource is "AltaVista: Translate" at

Some of the sites below also have English-language versions, as noted:

    Added June 16, 2009:
  1. in Copenhagen, Denmark, focuses on diabetes and has online advisors. The URL is

    Added May 20, 2009:

  2. Med24 is a shop which sells products including monitors and a lot of hard to get nutritional products relevant to people with diabetes. The URL is

  3. Updated July 26, 2008: Pharma-Marketing Ltd. in Budapest, Hungary, is a diabetes-related company. This company was the first to introduce insulin pump treatment in Hungary (first with Disetronic, now with Roche) and currently is the number one insulin pump distributor and service provider there. They also distribute blood glucose meters and strips. The company just started to work with Abbott Diabetes Care as well. The URL is

    Added January 28, 2008:

  4. Prodiabet is a diabetes store in Chile. The URL is

    Added December 14, 2007:

  5. was started by a family physician and nurse practitioner to help teach their patients to eat a healthy diet. People with diabetes can download a 14-day photographed menu plan which has been constructed of simple, everyday foods. Just make your plate look like the food in the picture and you are automatically following a 1800-calorie balanced diet approved by our Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator. The Adult Onset Diabetes PhotoDiet is perfect for a newly diagnosed type 2 adult or for people who have not been following their previous diabetes diet and need a simple reminder to get back on track. The photographs are designed to teach people how to construct a meal using simple foods and portion control principles. The Diabetes PhotoDiet is available in English and Spanish, is downloaded to the computer desktop for one low purchase price and can be printed out for easy reference. The URL is

    Added December 11, 2007:

  6. Reginaldo Albuquerque writes me that Sociedade Brasileira de Diabetes recently launched an ebook called "Diabetes na Prática Clínica" in Portuguese. The URL is

    Added February 10, 2007:

  7. Learning about Diabetes is a non-profit that provides easy to understand information about diabetes in English and Spanish. The URL is

  8. Diabetes STOP gathers the latest news about treatments, research, conferences, recipes, celebrities living with diabetes, etc., in Spanish and English, along with stunning pictures. dSTOP It is a daily dose of optimism leading to a healthier lifestyle and better control. Diabetes Stop es una recopilación de las mas interesantes noticias médicas, investigaciones, congresos, recetas gastronómicas, celebridades con diabetes, etc ... para el publico hispano hablante, con impactantes imagenes dSTOP es una dosis diaria de optimismo e trucos para un estilo de vida mas sano y bajo control.

  9. “Diabetes Lifelines” is a bimonthly online newsletter addressing medical, dietary, exercise, and pharmacological issues important to those with diabetes. It begun in 2000 with an intended clientele of diabetes educators and health care professionals who then distributed the newsletter to their clients (readers). The newsletter is archived and is also available in Spanish. The URL is

  10. Hospi-taal is a Dutch site that offers diabetes information with medical animations and quizzes. The URL is

  11. Learning About Diabetes is a non-profit organization providing easy-to-read, low literacy, and very low literacy health education programs in English and Spanish. The URL is

  12. This is apparently the first Spanish-language diabetes language blog. The URL is

  13. Önce Diabetli or DiabetClub is a Turkish site. The URL is

  14. The Danish JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International) site is

  15. The Dutch Diabetes Association represent 60,000 Dutch people with diabetes. The organization has three Internet sites. One site is for all people with diabetes. The URL of that site is

    The two other Internet sites have a target group-related approach. One is meant for youngsters between 12 and 22 years old. They can find here information about teenage problems and diabetes, like drugs and diabetes, sex and diabetes, study and diabetes. The URL is

    Another site is especially for kids between 6 and 13 years old. It has stuff to read, to do, to see, and to use for school. The URL is

  16. is a resource for health care professionals seeking easy-to-understand and low literacy diabetes patient education materials in English or Spanish. The site offers:
    • free 4-color patient education handouts
    • low-cost patient education materials, and
    • creative services to help you develop your own patient education programs. programs are developed by a team of diabetes educators, literacy specialists, and noted artists and designers. The result is clear, simply written patient education materials that are appealing and effective with both general and low literacy audiences. The URL is

  17. The German-language Diabetes News site contains about 4,000 pages focusing on the diabetes patient. The URL is

  18. This site offers a complete diabetes diary solution including the communication path between doctors and patients. There is no need for the patient to visit the doctor personally to obtain high quality diabetes therapy. The URL is

  19. Die Glyklichen is a German-language selfhelp group for people with type 1 diabetes. The URL is

  20. in an online shop in German for people with diabetes. The URL is

  21. La Diabetes y Los Latinos is the Spanish-language section of the American Diabetes Association's website. The URL is

  22. This German-language site is dedicated to inform young people in Switzerland about all aspects of diabetes. The URL is

  23. is a Pfizer site in Dutch. The URL is

  24. This is a Russian-language forum where people with diabetes share their experiences and give practical advice. The URL is

  25. was created and is maintained by a twenty year old college student attending the University of Central Florida. Nowhere on the site is there any indication who that person is. Does that make you want to trust it? I sure don't. Fortunately, there isn't much here that you need to trust. Actually, a post March 17 on from Fran Grysko gave the game away. "My son Tim just finished his new web site called," she writes. "Tim has been type1 diabetic for 10 years now and has been using a pump for 3 years, Tim is a computer major...." Almost all of the information on the site was lifted from U.S. government sites. There is a link to a chat room, but it is not one created by the site. One good thing about this site is its translations into Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German. The URL is

  26. A Russian language version of the Diabetes / Insulin Tutorial—which is freely available at—can be accessed without charge via

    This tutorial is novel because while reading about, say, balancing insulin and diet in diabetes, it is possible to click on HTML links which allow dynamic interactive simulations of such clinical situations to be run using the "AIDA on-line" Web-based diabetes simulator at .

    The tutorial is in the process of being translated into Italian—see—and the AIDA developers would be keen to see it translated into other languages as well. Diabetes Webmasters with non-English language sites who would like to receive the HTML code and graphics for free for translation and display at their own site are invited to contact the AIDA Developers via the on line contact form at The AIDA U.S. mirror site can be accessed at

  27. "Mario's Startpagina" is a personal diabetes home page in Dutch by Mario Boek. The site is mostly links to Dutch and English language sites, and the URL is

  28. Volker Salamon, who is 35 and has had diabetes for 26 years, has an extensive Web site about diabetes in German. The URL is

  29. The official page of the Spanish Federation of Associations of Educators in Diabetes (F.E.A.E.D.) is dedicated to advancing the role of the diabetes educator and improving the quality of diabetes education and care in Spain. The URL, in Spanish, is

  30. Glucosa Controls is a Spanish-language program by Ramón Torra Colom. The URL is

  31. DiabSite comes from Berlin. Helga Uphoff writes that her site is "a German-based resource that is trying to help people with diabetes by providing rich information about this disease." The URL is

  32. Florian Müller in Hamburg, Germany, writes "I am diabetic and have some products produced. I would particularly like to point out to the Hypo Helper, named 'Carero.' We look worldwide for dealers for our products." The URL

  33. "Doctor D" Magazine and "Klub D" newspaper offers the full archive of two specialised diabetic publications in the Bulgarian language, according to a message from Nick Antonov. They are "Doctor D Magazine for health professionals (quarterly colour magazine (52 pages)—4 years archive (summary in English available) and Club D Journal for patients with diabetes and their families (10 issues per year)—4 years archive. The publisher and editor of both publications is Dr. Iankova." The URL is

  34. The Diabetes Australia Multilingual Internet Resource is in Chinese, Hindi, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Arabic, Greek, Italian, Turkish, Ukrainian, as well as English. The URL is

  35. Diabetes Deutschland is a cooperative effort among the (German) National Ministry of Health, the German Diabetes Research Institute, and the country's two national diabetes organizations, Deutsche Diabetes-Gesellshaft and the Deutsche Diabetes Union. It offers up-to-date and high quality information for both people with diabetes and healthcare professionals. The URL is

  36. is a Web site for German children with diabetes age eight or younger. The URL is

  37. Croniweb S.A. in Madrid, Spain, has a Spanish-language Web site for people with diabetes and their physicians. It includes telemedicine software "Glucobeep." The medical director is Luis Martinez Lebrusant and the URL is

  38. Türkiye Diyabet Vakfi (The Turkish Foundation for Diabetes) offers information about diabetes in Turkish. The URL is

  39. The Finnish Diabetes Association is on-line with this Web site in three languages. In addition to Finnish (Suomi) you can read this site in Swedish (Svenska) and English. The URL is

  40. Andrew Volkov writes from Moscow to recommend the Russian-language site at When I clicked on it, I was taken to

  41. Hermedico is a Dutch-language Web site for people with diabetes. It has three URLs that take you to the same place:

  42. Diabetnet is the Web site of a French diabetes association. Currently, it is only in French, but "We hope to translate it by the end of the year if we are asked for it," writes Claude Sokolowsky. The URL is

  43. DiabSurf is a French-language site on diabetes and its complications. It is maintained by Doctor Paul Roesch of the Cenre Hospitalier de Mulhouse in Mulhouse, France. The URL is

  44. The URL for the Web site of the Asociación Universitaria de Diabéticos Asturianos in Gijón, Spain, is

  45. in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, provides its content in English, Spanish, and Portuguese—and soon will add Japanese, Hindi, French, German and Mandarin, according to e-mail from Executive Vice President Howard Storfer . The URL is

  46. LifeScan France is the French-language site of the American meter manufacturer. The URL is

  47. is a Russian-language site. The URL is It includes an English-language section at

  48. Israel Diabetes Association has a Hebrew-language Web site. The URL is

  49. The Amaryl Club, sponsored by Aventis, is the major diabetes Web site in India. Its purpose is to be a secondary source of information on diabetes for Indians who have type 2 diabetes. This is the only site which addresses the country's multi-lingual needs, and it does it in a format which does not require downloading and installing special fonts to read the site in Telugu, Hindi, Oriya, Tamil, Bengali, Gujurati, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, or Punjabi. The URL is

  50. Antidiabéticos Orales by Alba Aguado Jódar in Barcelona, Spain, seems to be a comprehensive review in Spanish of the oral hypoglycemic agents for type 2 diabetes as of 1998. The URL is

  51. Diabetes Kids is in German and includes a discussion forum. The URL is

  52. is an extensive diabetes Web site in Norwegian. The URL is

  53. The Federación Diabetológica Colombiana in Bogotá, Colombia, has a Web site. The URL is

  54. Association Diabète Québec in Montréal, Québec, has a French-language Web site. The URL is

  55. is a new Web site in Danish on modern insulin therapy without diet after the principles of professor Karl Stolte of Germany. The Webmaster is Oluf Johnsson and the URL is

  56. Diabetes Austria is an extensive and attractively presented site in German. The URL is

  57. The Norwegian Diabetes Association has a Web site. The URL is

  58. The British health site,, has several articles on diabetes. NetDoctor has sister sites in Danish at, in Swedish at, in Norwegian at, and in German at (for Austria) and (for Germany). The URL of the British site is

  59. A new diabetes site in Hebrew is online at

  60. A new diabetes site in Hebrew by Ckerpach Jacob

  61. Discover Insulin Resistance has lots of information about the underlying cause of diabetes, obesity, and other major cardiovascular diseases. The site, in both English and French, seems to be sponsored by two drug companies, Merck and Lipha s.a. Not surprising, since the site pushes metformin, which Lipha developed. The URL is

  62. A new Dutch-language newsgroup is now active. It is

  63. Novo Nordisk Bulgaria has a Web site in Bulgarian at

  64. Novo Nordisk Austria has a Web site in German at

  65. Novo Nordisk Belgium has a Web site in Dutch and French at

  66. Novo Nordisk Israel has a Web site in Hebrew at

  67. Novo Nordisk Sweden has a Web site in Swedish at

  68. Novo Nordisk Turkey has a Web site in Turkish at

  69. Novo Nordisk Spain has a Web site in Spanish at

  70. Vlaamse Diabetes Vereniging (the Flemish Diabetes Society) has a new Belgian Dutch-language Web Site. The URL is

  71. This site from the Norwegian Diabetes Federation (Norges Diabetesforbund) is in Norwegian. The URL is

  72. DiabSurf is a French-language site. The URL is

  73. Diabeticos is the name of a permanent group of people with diabetes. They share their experiences in a mailing list for Spanish speakers.

    To subscribe, write an e-mail to

    To unsubscribe write an e-mail to .

    To contact the list owner write

    The URL of the related Web site is

    Diabeticos es una lista de correo orientada a personas con diabetes en idioma español.

    Para suscribirse Ud. debe enviar un correo a Recibira una respuesta titulada "REPLY REQUIRED: Diabeticos Subscription Verify". UD. DEBE RESPONDER ESTE MENSAJE TAL COMO LO RECIBIO (usando responder o reply) Solo la receprcion de un correo se titula "Verification Received" le indicará que Ud. está suscripto a la lista de correos "Diabeticos".

  74. A new French site for the parents of all children with diabetes includes a forum or message board. It also has announcements by people looking for contact with other parents of children with diabetes. The Webmaster is Serco and the URL is

  75. is in Danish and is sponsored by Novo Nordisk Farmaka Danmark. Currently a prelaunch site, it is planned to be launched during August 1999. The URL is

  76. Roche's site in Italy includes the first issue of the scientific journal Il diabete, which came out in March 1999. The URL is

  77. Die Projekt-D Homepage is a computer mailbox for children with diabetes and their families. The site is mostly in German, although it has some English-language pages. Christian Renner is the Webmaster. The URL is

  78. L'Avis du Diabétique is a French-language site. The URL is

  79. diabetestyp1 is an eGroups mailing list in Swedish.

    To join the list please visit

    To unsubscribe from this list, go to the eGroups web site at, and select the User Center link from the menu bar on the left. This menu will also let you change your subscription between digest and normal mode.

  80. There is a new Dutch mailing list. Here is the announcement:

    DIABETES, de Nederlandse diabetes discussies mailing lijst.
    Om aan te sluiten:
    Bericht aan: Met als tekst in het bericht:
    subscribe diabetes
    N.B.: MIME wordt niet goed herkend door listserv.
    Het onderwerp [globaal] van de lijst:
    Nederlandse diabetes discussies
    De DIABETES mailing lijst is een discussie forum over diabetes. Vraag en antwoord, mening en ervaring kunnen er een plaats vinden. Houdt bij het schrijven rekening met de gevoelens van anderen, en blijf vriendelijk, in het bijzonder als een ander iets doet wat eruit ziet als een domme fout.

    Taal: Nederlands
    Aan-/afsluiten: (geen MIME)

  81. Endocrinologie is a Dutch-language web site with information about diabetes. The URL is

  82. The attractively-designed German Diabetes Forum includes information for people with diabetes, addresses of self-help groups, contact information for companies that sell diabetes supplies in Germany, and also has six German-language chat rooms, including areas for general diabetes discussion, pumpers, parents of diabetic children. The URL for the home page of the site is

  83. Health I.G. is an Argentine Web site that Health I.G. Media Consulting of Buenos Aires established to improve health education through non-technical interviews and special reports. Both Spanish and English-language versions are available. The URL is

  84. MeLLiTiS is a French (and French-language) Web site dealing with diabetes mellitis endorsed by the French Diabetes Association, Association de Langue Française pour l'Etude du Diabète et des Maladies Métaboliques, as its official Web site. The Webmaster is Pierre Y. Benhamou and the URL is

  85. Here is the first Web site in Italian that I discovered, although it has links to several other Italian diabetes sites. Progetto Diabete is an extensive site that is "Per i bambini, i genitori e gli amici che vogliono parlare di diabete." The Webmaster is Guido Seu, who says that his site is totally non-profit, and that it was born of his need for an Italian reference point on the net, since he is the father of a 11 years old child with diabetes. The URL is

  86. Called "Bienvenue aux explorateurs dans le domaine du diabète," this is the French-language site of Andre Hervouet and the Diabetes Association of Nantes, France. The site has information in French about topics such as hypoglycemia, insulin treatment, nutrition, prevention and about 30 pages about type 2 diabetes. Quelques informations brèves en francais sur le diabète de type 1 (nutrition, traitement à l'insuline, hypoglycémie...) et le diabète de type 2 destinees aux personnes concernées par cette maladie et vivant avec. Realise par Andre Hervouet et l'association des diabetiques de Nantes et Region (France). The URL is

  87. La Asociación Latinoamericana de Diabetes (ALAD) in Bogatá, Columbia has a Spanish-language home page. Its URL is

  88. Biobrás is the Web site of a publicly-traded company headquartered in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, that manufactures insulin, Metformin, and other products for diabetes. The site has information about the company and about diabetes generally in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The URL is

  89. The Diabetes FIT Foundation has English, German, and French versions of its Web pages. FIT is Functional Insulin Treatment or Flexible Insulin Therapy (the site offers both choices for the acronym) in Wohlen, Switzerland. Diabtrends-Monitor works with various blood glucose meters and/or the Diabtrends mobile terminal to form a complete diabetes data management system. The software sells for $55. The foundation also offers free diabetes clip art. The contact for FIT Foundation is Patrick Auderset. The URL is

  90. In the Netherlands, Coos Visser, who has type 1 diabetes, maintains a diabetes page with information about Diabetes Vereniging Nederland. If you write him, he says he will email you information about diabetes. The URL is

  91. Jürgen Buchner has what he calls the "Erste Deutsche Diabetes Homepage"—the First German Diabetes Homepage—all in German. It includes articles such as "Diving on Insulin" and "Mein Diabetes 'Coming-Out.'" The URL is

  92. IDDT HISPANO is the Spanish-language home page of Dr. José Luis García M. in Mexico City. The URL is

  93. Diabetic Help is hosted by Dr. Joe. He is J.L. Garcia, D.D.S. and his site is bilingual (English-Spanish) and it currently has more than 1000 pages. The URL is

  94. Novo Nordisk, the Danish company that is the world's leading manufacturer of insulin, has several sites in languages other than English. Its main site is in English (listed on On-line Diabetes Resources: Company Web Sites, because that's the company's corporate language, but it has at sites in many other languages:

  95. "The Diabetes and Hormone Center of the Pacific" in Honolulu, Hawaii, is now also in Spanish. Endocrinologist David Fitz-Patrick, M.D., directs the center, a comprehensive state-of-the-art center for the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes and hormonal disorders. The center's diabetes page has several valuable features. One lets you enter your latest Hb A1c result and see what effect reducing it to 7.0 would have on your risk of eye complications, advanced eye disease, and of dying. Another lets you test your diabetes knowledge and how well you are taking care of yourself. The URL for the Spanish-language version is

  96. "Diabeticus" is the "Diabetes Info Server." It says that "Diese Seiten sind von Diabetikern für Diabetiker gemacht. Ihr Zweck ist es, ein Forum zu sein für Informationen, Artikel, Tips und Hinweise. Diese Daten bleiben hier dauerhafter gespeichert als z.B. in der News-Gruppe." It also includes an annotated links page at with 15 links to German-language sites for diabetes information that is so good that I will not attempt to duplicate it here. The URL for Diabeticus is

  97. "Clinica Diabetológica" is the Web site of Dr. Antuña de Alaiz in both Spanish and English. His clinic is in Gijón, Asturias, Spain, and the URL is

  98. "Erik Wolds Diabetes Info" is mainly in Norwegian but also in English. Erik Wold's site focuses on insulin pumps, including pictures of the Disetronic pump and a FAQ.

  99. "SBD - Sociedade Brasileira de Diabetes" says that, "Nossa missão é contribuir com o desenvolvimento do ensino, pesquisa e assistência em diabetologia, diante do desafio que se constitui a crescente prevalência do diabetes mellitus e suas complicações." The URL is

  100. "7. Vorsorgekur für Kinder und Jugendliche mit Diabetes mellitus - Sommer 1998 -" is the German-language site of an endocrinologist, Karsten Milek. The URL is

  101. DiabetologNytt is North Europe's largest diabetes Web site and is the home page of the Swedish Association for Diabetology. Its content is 70% in Swedish with the rest in English. The name of the site in English means Diabetology News. It is especially for professionals but also for interested patients. The site is updated daily. Stig Attvall, M.D., Ph.D, and associate professor, Diabetic Centre, Department of Medicine, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Sahlgrenska, in Göteborg, Sweden, is the site's editor. The URL is

  102. This Russian-language site has information about diabetes for diabetic patients, doctors, diabetologists, nurses, researchers, and public health officials. The URL is

  103. The Korean Diabetes Association has a Korean-language Web page at

  104. "Información para personas con Diabetes" is the Web site of Asociaciones de diabéticos de Andalucía in Spain. The URL is

  105. MediSense (Deutschland) GmbH has a new Web page that provides details about their products. All MediSense glucometers are based on biosensor technology, which is explained on the site. You can download the Precision Link software with patient examples, a diary, and various brochures, which you can read also on-line. The most frequently asked questions about MediSense products and current scientific publications concerning MediSense are listed. The URL is

  106. LifeScan Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, has a bilingual English and French Web site. In addition to information about the company's products, especially their best-selling blood glucose meters, the site offers extensive self-care information. This includes their colorful on-line newsletter, The Diabetes News. The URL is

  107. Andrés Arróniz "Guepi" writes that he lives in Spain and has had type 1 diabetes since 1981 and is now 28 years old. His page, he says is a personal one but it is his intention to serve Spanish-speaking people with diabetes. "There's another section about Glucosa Controls, a non-commercial program (I'm just a user who thinks it's a helping tool; there's no commercial interest) that is helping some people with diabetes to improve their autocontrol (at least it helps to motivate)." he writes. The URL is

  108. Asociatión de Diabéticos Españoles Zaragoza, the Association of Spanish Diabetics in Zaragoza, Spain, has a Spanish-language website with a section in English. The association offers a variety of services to its members. The URL is

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