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On-line Diabetes Resources

Part 6: Publications Web Sites

By David Mendosa

Last Update: November 21, 2009

This Web page brings together in one place descriptions of and links to only those Web pages for magazines, articles, books, and videos dealing with diabetes, but is linked to the 15 other On-line Diabetes Resources pages dealing with other Web pages, other parts of the Internet, and other on-line services. Those links that I think are especially valuable are marked in red.

    Updated April 19, 2009
  1. The ABCs of Loving Yourself With Diabetes is an inspiring little book by Riva Greenberg. She wrote, illustrated, and published this delightful 64-page paperback in 2007, second edition 2009. Riva knows how to live with diabetes. She developed type 1 diabetes when she was 18 and has lived with it for more than 37 years. Published by SPI Management LLC in Brooklyn, New York, this book lists for $19.95 and the ISBN 13 is 978-0-615-17094-7. The URL is

    Updated February 19, 2009

  2. Haidee Soule Merritt offers a comic book, "One Lump or Two? Things that suck about being diabetic." My favorite is, "Insulin is not a cure, just lets you be a diabetic longer." Bird Wing Press in Portsmouth, NH 03802 sells it for $12.00; ISBN 0-9822561-0-8 and ISBN13: 978-0-0922561-0-7. The URL is

    Updated June 16, 2009

  3. The Nutrition & Metabolism Society is dedicated to minimizing the problems of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease through public awareness and education using current nutritional science. The Society believes that the therapeutic potential of low-carbohydrate diets for the treatment of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease is under-investigated and under-utilized. Consequently, it publishes Nutrition & Metabolism, an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal focused on the integration of nutrition, exercise physiology, clinical investigations, and molecular and cellular biochemistry of metabolism. The URL is Added July 17, 2008:
  4. Dr. Anne Peters, professor of clinical diabetes programs at the the USC Keck School of Medicine, and Dr. Charles Triay, a general practitioner, have produced a series of videos on diabetes for VideoJug. The URL is

    Added February 7, 2008:

  5. Diabetes Self-Defense is a weekly journal and reference manual for people with diabetes to help them defend themselves against the short-term and long-term complications of diabetes. The publisher is Frank Harritt, a friend of mine who has type 2 diabetes and owns Whole Control LLC in Arvada, Colorado. The URL is

    Added December 17, 2007:

  6. Martha Barroso knows a lot about diabetes. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, when she was 9 years old, she is now 16. And with the help of her younger brother, Rudy Jr., she's helping share her knowledge of diabetes with other children with a board game they developed called Future Focus. The trivia-based game, which took two years to create, revolves around several players quizzing each other about the disease. Card topics range from symptoms of diabetes like extreme thirst, fatigue, and blurry vision to common things you can do to keep yourself healthy such as checking your feet often and making sure to visit the optometrist on a regular basis. Correct answers give players the ability to move their pieces forward toward the goal. Wrong answers are penalized with a lost turn, or worse, reverse movement setting players back on the board lined with pictured tiles of fruits, vegetables, and various healthy foods. Future Focus lists for $29 and the URL is

    Added July 3, 2007:

  7. Omega 7 offers the “Omega Boy vs.Doctor Diabetes” comic book for $5. The URL is

    Added May 21, 2007:

  8. An updated version of Diabetes Management Works: a one year record book just became available from the publisher, Management Works Publishing Inc. in New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada. Diabetes Management Works allows individuals and their healtcare team to quickly asess their overall blood glucose patterns, trends, and averages for a given time of day. It also includes information on nutrition, carbohydrate counting, cholesterol, exercise, and tips for eating out. The Suggested Screening Schedule tells people how often they should have important tests done, and lets them record the results. The book retails for 17.95 Canadian dollars and is available from

    Updated May 7, 2007:

  9. DFAN Diabetes Story Cards For Kids are now available via downloads free of charge. The diabetes story cards each contain a story based on situations a child with diabetes is likely to encounter in their life including being diagnosed, living with this disease; wanting the diabetes to go away, having to fit in with people believing they have limitations. Each story card has a colorful color to help appeal to children of all ages. The story cards can be printed and distributed or read with the free Adobe PDF reader program. The URL is

  10. Harvard professor David Ludwig writes me that he is publishing a book on childhood obesity that features a low glycemic load diet, together with parenting tips, a 9-week family program and recipes. The website is

    Updated April 23, 2007:

  11. Sue Schmitt also just wrote me about her book about children, Even Superheroes Get Diabetes. It is for children ages 5 to 9 and focuses on the gift within the illness. It is the story of a boy named Kelvin who loves superheroes. His childhood days are spent in imaginative play. One day, his fantasies are marred by the reality of getting diabetes‚ the incessant finger pricks, shots, and the constant doctor's appointments. When a mysterious doctor uncovers that Kelvin has superpowers, the story reveals itself as the genesis of a new kind of superhero. Kelvin uses his superpowers to help other kids with diabetes. Illustrations by Micah Chambers-Goldberg connects both children and parents to the world of diabetes. The URL is , and the book will be available for purchase at the online store on that site after May 15.

  12. "Moving Forward with Diabetes" is a new informative video that addresses the emotional journey faced by parents of children newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It offers support to parents with insights, stories, advice, and reassuring messages from parents who have been through that difficult first year following the diagnosis. Topics include facing the diagnosis, managing diet and testing, finding support, dealing with schools and normal activities, re-establishing a normal life, teaching responsibility to the child, and coping with emotions. There is plenty of helpful advice and lessons learned. Their children also offer advice to parents and talk about living with diabetes.

    This 72-minute program, on DVD, retails for $30. The exclusive retailer during the initial release is A preview video and details are available on the company's website at is a new informative video that addresses the emotional journey faced by parents of children newly diagnosed with Type I diabetes. It offers support to parents with insights, stories, advice and reassuring messages from parents who have been through that difficult first year following the diagnosis. Topics include: facing the diagnosis, managing diet and testing, finding support, dealing with schools and normal activities, re-establishing a normal life, teaching responsibility to the child, and coping with emotions. There is plenty of helpful advice and lessons learned. Their children also offer advice to parents and talk about living with diabetes.

    "Moving Forward With Diabetes" is from Arnold Creek Productions Inc., an award-winning media producer based in Portland, Oregon. They previously released "I Have Diabetes Too!" which presents children talking to their peers about diabetes and their lives. Arnold Creek specializes in educational and inspirational media on health and sustainability.

    Added February 10, 2007:

  13. Learning about Diabetes is a non-profit that provides easy to understand information about diabetes in English and Spanish. The URL is

    Added January 5, 2007:

  14. Dr. Sheri Colberg, also known as Sheri Colberg-Ochs, is an author, exercise physiologist, and associate professor of exercise science at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia. She specializes in research in diabetes and exercise and has written five books and many articles. The URL is

    Added July 18, 2006:

  15. Diabetes Vital Online offers essential information for people living with diabetes. The website is intended to increase the quality and quantity of patient information in a non-clinical, easy-to-read format. The URL is

    Added July 18, 2006:

  16. Endocrine Today offers the latest clinical news on diabetes and endocrine disorders from timely meeting coverage and the latest drug approvals to special features on growth hormones, thyroid disease, and pituitary tumors as well as information on legislative and socio-economic topics as well. The URL is

    Added May 26, 2006:

  17. Diabetes Explorer is a new bimonthly magazine. The URL is

  18. The "Super Diabetic Dude" book is about with a young boy being diagnosed with diabetes and his doctor telling him about how he will help him become a "Super Diabetic Dude." Chris Cracolice wrote this book about Diabetic Dude with his sidekick FRED, who is a glucose monitor Fast Reliable Educating Data, and his foes the Glucose Gang. The book is on CD to be printed from home computers and sells for $18.95. You can instead download it for $14.95. The URL is

  19. Diabetes for Canadians For Dummies by Ian Blumer and Alan L. Rubin is featured at Dr. Blumer's website at

  20. diabeticfeed is the first weekly digital broadcast about diabetes. It is a podcast that can be downloaded to your computer or a mp3 player, a blog, and a website. Christel Marchand, the host of diabeticfeed, has type 1 diabetes and uses an insulin pump. John Aprigliano, the producer of diabeticfeed, has an extensive background in broadcasting and digital media. It is very professionally done. The URL is

  21. Diabetes Compass in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is both a magazine and a radio show. Dianne K. Lehman is the director of Diabetes Compass. It is now a regular feature in Check UP, a bimonthly health publication serving the Greater Edmonton area. Beginning September 11, 2005, Diabetes Compass Radio Magazine show will broadcast each Sunday evening on AM 930 CJCA as well as via live-streaming audio at Archived programs and magazines will also be available on (under construction).Diabetes Compass Radio Magazine is Canada's first radio-based diabetes radio program.

  22. "This Old Cub" is the life story of star Chicago Cub third baseman Ron Santo. Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 18, Ron is the only such position player to play major league baseball. This documentary, made by Ron's son Jeff, tells how Ron played for the Cubs from 1960 to 1973 and subsequently because a radio broadcaster, then lost both legs to diabetic neuropathy. One classic story shows him hitting a grand-slam home run while having a hypo. That was one of the 342 home runs he hit for the Cubs. The 90-minute DVD is available exclusively online for $24.99 at A portion of the proceeds will go to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, with which Ron has worked closely for more than 30 years, raising more than $60 million for the organization.

  23. Diabetes: An Emotional Journey is by Renea Jo Zosel, the mother of three children. Her oldest child has had diabetes since the age of two. The journey of diabetes has both burdened and enriched their life. Parents of children with diabetes should find comfort in this beautiful, hand-bound book. Friends, family members, health care providers, advocates, and volunteers may understand diabetes like never before when they read this book. You can order it from the author at or from

  24. Gretchen Becker is not only the author of two of the best books about diabetes but she is also an editor, farmer, and felter. Her Web site, which has the same clarity and humor as her books, is

  25. Friends with Diabetes is a Jewish magazine about diabetes. The URL is

  26. Kelly L. Close, a consultant to pharmaceutical, medical technology, and biotechnology companies and investors, publishes an occasional newsletter on diabetes and obesity topics. The newsletter is free and in Adobe Acrobat format. You can subscribe and/or read it online at

  27. Jason Berg certainly takes personal responsibility for his diabetes. About nine years ago when he was 13, Jason was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and has turned what could have been an obstacle into real opportunities. Jason and his family learned everything they could about diabetes. He began a daily exercise program and became certified as a personal trainer and runs his own personal training business, JLB Enterprises, while a student at Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. He makes good use of low glycemic foods. His program, "Taking Personal Responsibility," is available on a CD for $19.99. The URL is

  28. Cinnamon Hearts is an monthly online magazine that is an important resource for anyone with diabetes who wants delicious recipes, sound nutritional health, motivational encouragement, book reviews, and articles for living a winning lifestyle. The URL is

  29. Childrens Diabetes Games and Books belongs to Sandra J. Hollenberg, Malcolm's Grandma Sandy. The purpose of the website is to enable free downloading of games and books about type 1 diabetes for young children. The URL is

  30. "Diabetes and Carbohydrate Metabolism" by Ira D. Goldfine and Robert J. Rushakoff, editors, is an online textbook. It consists of 39 chapters, most of which are available. The URL is

  31. "Diabetic Alternatives" is a consumer eZine with the purpose of exploring every method of treatment and cure out there for diabetes. The introductory subscription price is $24 for 12 issues. The URL is

  32. Kids with Diabetes describes books for kids with diabetes, their parents, and adults written by author and diabetes educator Jean Betschart Roemer. The URL is

  33. A Child in Your Care has Diabetes: A Collection of Information is the product of Elisa Hendel's experience of living with her child's diabetes. Her daughter, Robyn, was six when she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. When Elisa recovered from the shock of that diagnosis, she diligently collected a huge amount of information on diabetes. Each year she simplified and organized it, distributing it to everyone who is involved in her daughter's life. Now she shares the wealth of her experience with the rest of the world. What she has created is a concise, easy to follow manual for parents, teaches, caretakers, friends, baby sitters and others who are responsible for a child with diabetes. Hen House Press published this book in 2002 for $21.95. The URL is

  34. The December 2001 issue of the HHMI Bulletin published by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute has an excellent article by Karen Hopkin "Confronting Diabetes from All Angles." The article is about diabetes gene research of which some of the most important is underway at HHMI. The URL is

    Diabetic Diary 2002

  35. Designed by a physician-scientist, The Diabetic Diary 2002 provides an easy way to keep all of your blood glucose readings and other relevant readings in one place. The URL is

  36. Tina McKay, a parent of three children with diabetes, helped make a video titled "Managing Diabetic Hypoglycemia" to inform parents on what to do in case of low blood sugar and how to treat it. Offered by Parents for Diabetes Education LLC, for one copy the price is $19.95 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling. The URL is

    Type 2 Diabetes: The First Year

  37. Gretchen Becker's new book The First Year—Type 2 Diabetes: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed is a long-awaited introduction to that crucial period just after a diagnosis of type 2 diabetes. Just published in October 2001, this book is destined to be a best-seller. I have read the book and am blown away with Gretchen's contribution. She has type 2 diabetes herself. An experienced medical editor and trained as a biochemist, Gretchen got her diagnosis five years ago and has explored all the options constantly ever since then. Marlowe & Company in New York lists this 320-page trade paperback for $14.95. The URL is


  38. Here is the first comprehensive guide to the entire range of sports for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. For each activity you can find what insulin and diet changes you need to make and the intensity, duration, and other effects that you need to consider. Written by Sheri Colberg, an athlete who has type 1 diabetes and a Ph.D. degree in exercise physiology, The Diabetic Athlete draws on the examples of hundreds of athletes who have diabetes and who share their sports and fitness training experiences. Published in August 2000 by Human Kinetics in Champaign, Illinois, The Diabetic Athlete is a 261-page paperback that lists for $17.95. The URL is


  39. The Glucose Revolution is a book and also a Web site. The Web site is a comprehensive introduction to the American edition of the bible of glycemic index studies. The URL is

  40. DiabetEZ Living is a quarterly newsletter published online in Adobe Acrobat format by American Diabetes Services—not connected with the American Diabetes Association—and Discount Medical. The URL is

  41. "Effect of Biofeedback-Assisted Relaxation Training on Foot Ulcer Healing" by Birgitta Rice et al. in the March 2001 issue of the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association reports on the innovative results of using biofeedback assisted relaxation training to effect peripheral blood flow and thereby significantly increase healing of chronic foot ulcers in a population with diabetes and/or peripheral arterial disease. The prospective randomized study used a standardized relaxation technique in addition to regular medical therapies for chronic foot ulcers. In the experimental group 14 out of 16 ulcers (87.5%) healed, compared to 7 out of 16 (43.75%) in the control group. Researchers found excellent compliance among study participants with this complementary therapy, which is easy to follow, non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical and cost effective. Training of health care providers could allow this therapy to be put into action as an important adjunct to medical practice in podiatry and diabetes care. The full text of the article is on-line at

  42. The AIDA Web site includes a whole range of diabetes-computing articles. There are two direct URLS: and

    The Best Year of My Life

  43. Diabetes and Pregnancy: Women's Experiences and Medical Guidelines, edited by Alison Nankervis and Josephine Costa, has a unique perspective. It brings together personal experience and expert medical opinion about diabetes and pregnancy. Essential reading for women with diabetes considering pregnancy, this new book is also a valuable resource for healthcare professionals working in the areas of diabetes, pregnancy, and women's health. Published in October 2000 by Miranova Publishers in Victoria, Australia, this 256 page book costs $33 airmailed to the United States. The URL is

    The Best Year of My Life

  44. Making the Best of Life, Book 2: Learning to Live with Diabetes is the sequel to The Best Year of My Life (see below). Written by Jed Block in the voice of his daughter Caitlin, who is now 10, is just as moving as the first book. Jed is a gifted writer who beautiful conveys information in a simple way that children and adults alike will appreciate. While it was written for children from 9 to 12, parents will also find it valuable. I had only one problem with the book, a mistatement by a doctor quoted on page 88 where he says that "there are two jobs that a person with diabetes can't do: be a pilot or a scuba diver." The doctor is out-of-date; both fields are open to us now, and Jed tells me that he will distribute a errata sheet to note that fact. The 107-page book sells for $14.95, and the URL is

    The Best Year of My Life

  45. Children from 9 to 12 and their parents will enjoy reading The Best Year of My Life, Book 1: Getting Diabetes by Jed Block and illustrated by his daughter Caitlin. Written in the voice of a seven-year old newly diagnosed with diabetes (as was Caitlin), the book is meant to inspire. While it comes close to being Pollyannaish, maybe we need that balance. Jed tells me that he is donating 10 percent of sales proceeds to the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. The 26-page book sells for $10.95, and the URL is

    Diabetes Cookbook for Dummies

  46. Diabetes Cookbook for Dummies by Alan L. Rubin, M.D., with Fran Stach and Chef Denise Sharf was published in June 2000. This 375 page book sells for $19.95. With more than 100 great recipes it's worth every penny of it. Dr. Rubin is a leading endocrinologist who practices in San Francisco and has a Web site that mentions the book at

    Diabetes for Dummies

  47. Diabetes for Dummies by Alan L. Rubin, M.D., was published in September 1999. This 371 page book sells for $19.99. According to a blurb on the back cover that I wrote for the book, "Alan Rubin could be expected to know a lot about diabetes. The surprising how well he says it." His Web site, which mentions the book, is

  48. is a collection of more than 700 diabetic and heart-healthy recipes. The site is affiliated with Diabetic-Lifestyle magazine. The URL is

  49. Daily Care On-Line in Troy, Michigan, is the new name for Living Well with Diabetes and Living Well with Allergies and Asthma. Daily Care is a magazine available free to patients from many pharmacy departments.The magazine is distributed twice a year (May and November). This lifestyle magazine offers useful and practical articles to keep patients informed and inspired to self-manage their diabetes condition. The toll-free phone number is 888-777-1003 and the URL is

  50. The purpose of Diabetes in Control is to help practitioners help their patients through diabetes management and education. Steve Freed, a Certified Diabetes Educator who has a private practice of diabetes education and management, offers the site and a free electronic newsletter for diabetes educators (and others) to help keep them informed about the new treatments, appliances, and studies that can make a difference for their patients who have diabetes. The URL is

  51. Diabetes Interview is a magazine that looks like a tabloid newspaper. An annual subscription for 12 issues is $19.95. The magazine will send a free sample to people in the U.S. Its toll-free number is (800) 234-1218 and its new URL is The old URL,, still works.

  52. "Islet Transplantation in Seven Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus Using a Glucocorticoid-free Immunosuppressive Regimen" by Dr. James Shapiro and his associates at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, is a pre-publication Web release by the New England Journal of Medicine on its Web site. Because of the importance of the breakthrough, this peer-reviewed journal facilitated Web publication on June 6 rather than waiting for print publication on July 27. The team in Edmonton reported that seven (subsequently increased to eight) people—100 percent of those attempted—with type 1 diabetes have been freed from insulin therapy for up to a year following islet transplants. The URL is

  53. Diabetes Voice is the quarterly magazine of the International Diabetes Federation. Diabetes Voice reports on the latest developments in diabetes care, education, prevention, research, health policy, and economics, as well as themes related to living with diabetes. The magazine is available in English, French, Spanish and Russian and is free for subscription and download. All publications of the International Diabetes Federation (including Diabetes Voice) are available in the IDF Shop. The URL is

  54. Milner-Fenwick in Timonium, Maryland, a publisher and distributor of health education products for medical professionals, has together with the American Association of Diabetes Educators produced a series of videos about diabetes. The URL is

  55. The 1999 Diabetes Calendar provides a year of daily inspiration, information, and facts about diabetes. The print version by Resa Levetan, M.D., Jackie Salas, M.D., and Larry Hochberger is published by International Medical Publishing for $15.95. Yes, I know the year is almost over, but they just notified me about this year's version! The site also includes recipes and profiles of people making a difference in the diabetes community. The URL is

  56. "Diabetes Road Map: Living with Type 2 Diabetes" is a 60-minute video. It gives guidelines to managing different aspects of type 2 diabetes and is presented by eight doctors, a diabetes educator, and a dietitian. The video costs $26.95 plus $3 shipping and handling. The URL is

  57. Diabetic Meal Planning Made Easy! was written by Marilyn White, an insulin-using diabetic, who was trained in meal planning by a registered dietitian. The URL is

  58. Wes-Bar Press specializes in books to help people with diabetes lead a healthy lifestyle through good nutrition. Its Web site is at

  59. The Unofficial Diabetes Bookstore of the International Clipping Service in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, is awfully slow to load and you can't stop the awful "Rent Me" animated graphic from flashing. But the site does offer 600 books about diabetes. All are hyperlinked to Amazon (they get money for sales from those links). The URL is

  60. Armchair Aerobics is a mild exercise program designed for total spiritual, physical, and mental health. This $19.95 video is said to present to you exercise methods that will offer physical benefit to anyone, regardless or mobility. It's geared to people with diabetes, seniors, and the disabled. You can order the video from by e-mail at [email protected]. The URL is

  61. Diabetic Cooking magazine in Lincolnwood, Illinois offers great-tasting, nutritious recipes to help people with diabetes manage their daily meal plans. In addition to recipes and full color photos, there are cooking tips, baking secrets, helpful shopping hints, cooking lessons and menu suggestions. Also included are informative articles on seasonal topics, easy-to-follow instructions for learning basic cooking techniques, plus recipe makeovers and menu suggestions for family dinners and casual entertaining with how-to photos throughout. If you call the toll free phone number, (800) 777-5582 and mention WEB9B, a one-year subscription is $14.95. The URL is

  62. Understanding Insulin Dependent Diabetes by H. Peter Chase, M.D. is a book about living with insulin-dependent diabetes. Published on the Web, the book encompasses the clinical practices of the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes in Denver. The URL is

  63. Type 1 Diabetes: Molecular, Cellular, and Clinical Immunology, edited by George S. Eisenbarth and Kevin J. Lafferty, is an on-line book that presents a synthesis of the molecular and cellular immunology of type 1 diabetes by basic science immunologists and physician investigators at the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes in Denver. The URL is

  64. No More Needles...Please! is a video that traces the journey of film-maker Catherine Jarvis and her 12 year old son, James, as they search the world for a cure for type 1 diabetes. The URL is

  65. Pediatric Diabetes, Mark A. Sperling, M.D., editor-in-chief, is a new quarterly, peer-reviewed publication by Munksgaard International Publishers devoted to the international dissemination of information relating to diabetes in children and adolescents. Manuscripts are actively being sought for possible publication. For more information visit the web site at

  66. "Diabetes Wellness Letter™" is designed and written to provide both core diabetes knowledge suitable to the newly diagnosed and the supplemental knowledge of interest to readers who have mastered the basic diabetes survival skills. Excerpts from the current issue of this newsletter are available on-line at

    Insulin-Dependent Diabetes

  67. Insulin-Dependent Diabetes in Children, Adolescents and Adults: How to become an expert on your own diabetes shows in a practical way what you need to know to be able to take good care of your diabetes. Well written by Ragnar Hanas, M.D., of the Department of Pediatrics at Uddevalla Hospital in Sweden, was originally developed for children and adolescents with diabetes. It has, however, been adapted to address adults as well. It's a large-format book of 268 informative pages. The first (very well translated) English edition, published by Piara HB in Uddevalla, Sweden, appeared in 1998. Children with Diabetes and sell the book for $29. The URL is

  68. The DPTeens comic book has just been released by the Diabetes Prevention Trial - Type 1 (DPT-1), a study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health. The DPT-1 is looking to uncover a way to prevent diabetes among those at risk for the disease. In this colorful story of aliens, extraordinary powers, and extraterrestrial encounters, the DPTeens explain what it means to means to participate in the DPT-1. You can view sample pages from the comic book and order your own free copy of the book to discover the full story of what happens to the DPTeens trio in their battle with the savage mellitians. The toll-free phone is (800) 425-8361 and the URL is

    Updated September 8, 2008:

  69. "I'm So Sweet" is a wonderful poem about a child's experiences with being diagnosed with diabetes. Written by somebody who clearly knows her stuff, this poem is by Joan Fleitas, Ed.D., R.N., and assistant professor of nursing at Lehman College, CUNY. The URL is

    Dr. Fleitas also has an inspiring story, "Sally Goes to School" online. The URL for the story is

    Numb Toes and Aching Soles

  70. Here finally is a comprehensive guide to help the millions of people with peripheral neuropathy, half of whom have it as a consequence of diabetes. Numb Toes and Aching Soles: Coping with Peripheral Neuropathy is by John A. Senneff, a retired attorney who himself has peripheral neuropathy. It covers everything— causes, symptoms, testing, and treatments, including more than 200 patient comments on which of these treatments work for them and which ones don't. The treatments considered are everything from the most traditional to the furthest alternatives. This 300 page soft cover book lists for $19.95 and is available from

    Showdown with Diabetes

  71. Showdown with Diabetes by Deb Butterfield, executive director of the Insulin-Free World Foundation in St. Louis, Missouri, has just been published by W. W. Norton. Deb used to have diabetes. Diagnosed with diabetes at the age of ten, she was freed of the disease and of needles with a pancreas transplant. Here is her story including the development of pancreas and islet cell transplants, the nearest thing we have to a cure.

  72. "Living with diabetes, searching for cure" and "Weighing the risk of a diabetes cure" are articles by a journalist named Scott Bowles who has diabetes. He is a staff writer for USA Today, which published the first installments of a series in January 1999, of his saga. After suffering through complications, especially of his eyes, Bowles was reading a Web site one day when he discovered pancreas transplants. The URLs are

  73. Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics is a new quarterly journal covering new and innovative technologies for the diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of diabetes. Technologies covered include invasive and non-invasive blood glucose monitoring technology, insulin delivery technology, diagnostic technology, new medications, and computers in diabetes for data management. David C. Klonoff, M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, in the editor-in-chief. The URL is

  74. The UK Prospective Diabetes Study (UKPDS) established that tight control is just as important for type 2 diabetes as the Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT), which was completed in 1993, established for type 1 diabetes. The UKPDS, the largest clinical study of diabetes ever attempted, has shown for the first time that the life-threatening complications of non-insulin dependent diabetes, often regarded as inevitable, can be reduced by more intensive management using existing treatments. The 20-year study recruited more than 5,000 patients with type 2 diabetes in 23 clinical centers based in England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland. The study was reported in several journal articles in 1997 and 1998. Four of the most important articles, published in the British Medical Journal, are available on-line:

  75. Here are links to the publications of the American Diabetes Association: Diabetes Forecast, Diabetes, Diabetes Care, Diabetes Spectrum, Diabetes Insider, Diabetes Review, Clinical Diabetes. The American Diabetes Association now offers the opportunity to order articles from Diabetes Care and Diabetes by fax or PDF download as well as the ability to purchase online subscriptions if you already have a print subsubscription. Downloads are $5 per article, domestic fax is $10, and international fax is $15. The Association's toll-free number is (800) 806-7801 and its URL is

  76. Diabetes.Store, the online bookstore of the American Diabetes Association, is now a full-featured online ordering site for books, CDs, and more, all at a discount. The URL is

  77. Voice of the Diabetic is a free quarterly magazine published by The Diabetics Division of the National Federation of the Blind. Each issue contains personal, candid stories written by people with diabetes, friends, health care professionals and others who share experiences and expertise on diabetes and its complications. Emphasizing the importance of good diabetes control, proper diet, and independence, this upbeat outreach publication shows people with diabetes that they have options regardless of the side effects of diabetes. Regular features include a medical Q and A column, a "Recipe Corner," and a resource column of aids and appliances. Its telephone number is (573) 875-8911 and its URL is

  78. Diabetes Self-Management is a magazine published every two months that seeks to provide you with a strategy for self-management of your diabetes. It also has some articles available on-line. Its toll-free number is (800) 234-0923 and its URL is

  79. The Diabetes Wellness Letter, published by the Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation has technical, sound, and useful information for people with diabetes. The address is 1206 Potomac St. N.W., Washington, DC 20007. The helpline phone number is (800) 941-4635; the subscription line is (888) 321-2219, and the office is (202) 298-9211. The URL is

  80. WebMedlit scans the Web each night for updates to 16 medical journals currently. Some, but not all, require that you register first with that journal. Diabetes/Endocrinology is one of nine areas covered. The URL is

  81. Newstracker, which tracks hundreds of Web periodicals, is a totally free automated clipping service. Not pre-categorized, Newstracker lets you set up topics on diabetes or any other search term you're interested in. The URL is

  82. The Diabetic Gourmet is an e-zine designed to provide information and resources for diabetic living, with exciting recipes, feature articles, and useful resources. Its motto is "Diabetic Dining for the Global Gormet." The URL is

  83. James Deighan of the International Clipping Service in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada, maintains an extensive list of books on diabetes at

  84. Access Excellence is a national educational program sponsored by Genentech Inc. that puts high school biology teachers in touch with their colleagues, scientists, and critical sources of new scientific information through an on-line network. Search for terms of interest like "diabetes" and "insulin" to find dozens of well-written articles (note: search for each search term in a separate search since linking terms with "or" strangely returns fewer, not more, hits than searching for these terms separately). The URL is

  85. "Seaweed fight diabetes and thicken cat food" by Atle Kjaervik, is an article about the first human transplant of an artificial pancreas. The surgery was carried out by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong of St. Vincent Medical Center in Los Angeles, on May 6, 1993, on Steven Craig. The URL is

  86. "Hyperglycemic Hyperosmolar Nonketotic Syndrome: How to recognize and manage this diabetic emergency" is an on-line article by Theresa O'Hanlon-Nichols. The URL is

  87. "MedicineNet POWER POINTS about DIABETES MELLITUS" is a good basic article about diabetes. The URL is

  88. "The Healing Handbook for Persons with Diabetes," developed by a diabetes educator and two physicians at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts, is available on-line at no cost. Spiral bound copies of the handbook can also be purchased for $14.95 per copy plus $5.00 for shipping. The URL is

  89. The March 1996 issue of The Physician and Sportsmedicine has an excellent article by Dr. Raul Artal, "Exercise: An Alternative Therapy for Gestational Diabetes." The URL is

  90. The New England Journal of Medicine has an important editorial on "Islet and Pancreatic Transplantation—Autoimmunity and Alloimmunity on-line at

  91. Matthew J. Shim has put his thesis for a master of public health degree on-line. The subject is Self-reported Diabetes in Hawaii: 1988-1993 and the URL is

  92. Dr. E.D. Lehmann has a long technical article about "Application of information technology in clinical diabetes care," in a special issue of Medical Informatics available on-line. The URL is

  93. Dr. Richard K. Bernstein is featured on Time Warner's Pathfinder Web site. His book, Doctor Bernstein's Diabetes Solution, like his earlier publications, emphasizes a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet to regulate blood sugars and prevent or reverse long-term complications of diabetes. The 416-page book lists for $24. The URL is

  94. Dr. Bernstein Diabetes Solution, the title of the book by Dr. Richard K. Bernstein, is his own Web site. The URL is

  95. Medicool's Diabetes News Web site includes current diabetes news from a variety of sources, some that I have not seen on other such sites. It also has a diabetes news archive and a list of diabetes associations in 84 countries. The URL is

  96. Publications of the International Diabetes Federation are listed at

  97. Members of the International Diabetes Athletes Association, headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, receive a quarterly issue of the newsletter "The Challenge." The URL is

  98. "The New Food Label: Coping with Diabetes" by Paula Kurtzweil is an FDA Consumer Reprint of November 1994, updated September 1995. The URL is

  99. Diabetic Lifestyle Online Magazine is now free (and has been since June 1999). It offers hundreds of recipes developed specifically for the website, travel articles, a section that reviews medical journals and brings diabetes research into focus for the layman, plus hundreds of other interesting and informative articles on how to manage diabetes and live well. Webmasters are authors Frances Towner Giedt and Bonnie Sanders Polin. The URL is

  100. An article "Diabetes: A Gentle Approach to a Tough Problem," comes from the Fall 1995 issue of Radiance, the Magazine for Large Women. It faults the medical establishment for its emphasis on dieting and praises doctors who say there are no good and bad foods and teach self-acceptance. The URL is

  101. Peter Granholm's "Diabetes News Library," updated weekly, is a compilation of links to articles about diabetes from various sources, mostly CNN. The URL is

  102. The Electric Library has millions of articles and other documents on-line available for downloading. While this is a fee service, a two-week trial membership good for 100 searches is free. In one search I found more than 150 articles on diabetes dating from recent months back to 1991. Most were from Diabetes Forecast, Diabetes in the News, and the Los Angeles Times. The URL is

  103. Medicool's Diabetes News is an important page at Medicool's site. The URL is

  104. Diabetes News on the Net is an informational web site for people with diabetes. Richard Brown, M.D. is the webmaster. The URL is

  105. The Kansas City Star has an excellent series of articles on diabetes beginning at

  106. The Web page for "The Diabetic Dessert Cookbook" says it has simple, easy-to-make recipes without sugars, fats, or salt. The site includes a sample recipe for "Rascal Rasberries" and its nutritional values. Written by nutrition consultant Coleen Howard, the book includes more than 100 sweet yet sugarless recipes. The book lists for $11 and is available through a link to at $8.80. The URL is

  107. The "Diabetes Book Store" offers books at 20% to 40% below the cover price. The URL is

  108. "From ants to analogues: Puzzles and promises in diabetes management" by Dr. Joan MacCracken is a first-class history of diabetes from India about 1500 B.C.E. to the 1997 announcement of the Santa Barbara Diabetes Project (about which I have written elsewhere). Dr. MacCracken's article originally appeared in the April 1997 issue of Postgraduate Medicine. The URL is

  109.'s Diabetes Center brings together some basic resources on diabetes, including an extensive news archive, a list of patents related to diabetes, clinical trials listed on the CenterWatch site and trials at the National Institutes of Health, plus links to some recent Medline references and FDA documents. The URL for the news archive is

  110. "'Landmark' study identifies insulin defect as important predictor of coronary disease" is a May 1996 article on the HeartInfo Web site. The study found that "the body's inability to utilize glucose in response to insulin may be an important predictor of coronary artery disease." The URL is

  111. "Springer Link: Diabetologia" includes on-line articles since 1996 (and abstracts since 1994) from this journal of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes. The URL is

  112. "Springer Link: Acta Diabetologia" includes on-line articles since 1997 (and abstracts since 1996) from this journal, which publishes reports of experimental and clinical research on diabetes mellitus and related metabolic diseases. the URL is

  113. "True Confessions (On Diabetes)" by Lois Jovanovic, M.D., is excerpted from the book The Diabetic Woman: All Your Questions Answered by Lois Jovanovic, M.D., June Biermann, and Barbara Toohey, 1996 and is reprinted with permission of the author. Dr. Jovanovic is a world-famous endocrinologist who happened to develop diabetes during her endocrine/metabolism fellowship after becoming a doctor and completing her medical residency. She writes that, "The truth was difficult to admit publicly. I thought my credibility as a physician and a scientist would be harmed....Surprisingly, I found out that my diabetes actually enhanced my credibility." The URL is

  114. The "Diabetes Book Store" says that it is associated and The HealthBook Store and is a comprehensive source for books on diabetes, offering books at 20% to 40% off the cover price. The URL is

  115. Purdue News May 1998 "Compound in meat prevents diabetes, study suggests"that conjugated linoleic acid can prevent or at least postpone the onset of diabetes in laboratory animals. The URL is

  116. The Low-Carb Cookbook Web Site is about Fran McCullough's new book of that name. The URL is

  117. Consumer's Diabetes Digest is the Web site is of H. Crimson Inc., publishers of Diabetes Digest, which is exclusively distributed at drug store chains. The Web site includes articles from an issue of the magazine in both English and Spanish. You can also subscribe to their free e-mail newsletter. The URL is

  118. Kane Trail Publishers in St. Charles, Illinois, has three books by James L. Jezl, Ph.D., in his Diabetes Control series. Diabetes Control: Diabetics At Table helps you learn to control your diabetes in 256 pages. Diabetes Control: Cookbook and Diet Guide has more than 500 recipes adapted for people with diabetes. Nutritional Data of Basic Foods for Diabetics lists more than 500 foods along with critical diabetic information. The URL is

  119. Diabetic Investor is a publication that exclusively covers the market for diabetes care starting in September 1998. Published monthly in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, by David Kliff, who himself has diabetes, the magazine provides investors with news, insight, and information about companies that develop, manufacture, and market drugs, devices, and ancillary products used in diabetes care. The phone is (800) 783-3712 and the e-mail address is [email protected]. A subscription for six issued delivered in the United States is $100. The URL is

  120. World Diabetes, a newsletter of the World Health Organization, is on line at

  121. Needles: A Memoir of Growing up with Diabetes by Andie Dominick is an outstanding book that I can highly recommend to anyone with diabetes, particularly parents of children with diabetes and any type 1 child old enough to read her clear, spare prose. This book is the story of her sister, herself, and her family and how they struggled with diabetes over the years. Her sister was diagnosed in 1961 at the age of 2. Andie was diagnosed in 1980 at the age of nine. The book details their lives growing up, going through school, adolescent rebellion, their adult lives, the death of her sister at 33, and Andie's early adult life.

    Published in October 1998, the book carries the Scribner imprint of Simon & Schuster. The reputation of this major publisher alone told me this book would be well worth reading when a review copy arrived in the mail. Little Brown will publish the book in the UK, and translation rights have just been sold to China.

    This hardcover 220-page book carries a list price of $22.00 ($31.50 in Canada). The ISBN is 0684842327.

    "I'm hoping that the book will help people facing the struggles of diabetes themselves, as well as foster a better understanding of the illness with those not as familiar," Andie writes me.

    Visit the book's own Web site at

  122. The Diabetes Compilation Digest is a daily digest of diabetes information gathered from all over the Internet into a daily e-zine. The URL is

  123. "Diabetes: A Balancing Act" by Nancy Pauline Bruning is an article in Delicious! magazine about how to prevent and treat diabetes using ayurvedic herbs. The URL is

  124. In the completely revised and updated fourth edition of The Diabetic's Book, June Biermann and Barbara Toohey present the latest information on effective diabetes therapies and scientific advances. Published by Jeremy P. Tarcher / Putnam in New York in 1998, this 282-page softbound book sells for $13.95. The URL is

  125. The science.komm Internet Directory and Resource Site links 15 professional diabetes journals at
    and 56 professional endocrinology (and hepatology) journals at

  126. The Kid's Choice Cookbook by Colleen Bartley and John Pateman is a cookbook for kids with diabetes filled with their favorite choices. This 144-page book published by PicNics Publishing in Sechelt, B.C., Canada, sells in the U.S. for $11.95 plus $2.25 for shipping and handling. The URL is

  127. San Francisco Chronicle columnist Jon Carroll, who has type 2 diabetes, wrote a three-part introductory article in February 1999 issues of the newspaper. The URLs are

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  1. BrainPOP offers two short videos about diabetes:

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