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The New EndoGoddess App

A few years ago I started to track the iPhone apps for people with diabetes. For more than 10 years on my website I have been tracking software programs that we can use to manage our condition. But I soon gave up the chase for diabetes apps.

We have far too many even to name. This afternoon I counted 355 iPhone apps for “diabetes.” All of these apps also run on the iPod Touch as well as the iPad. Another 111 are optimized for the larger screen of the iPad.

Since I have diabetes, an iPod Touch, and an iPad, these apps interest me greatly. Until now, the top app has probably been Glucose Buddy. Of the 639 ratings for the current version, 419 people give it 5 stars, the top rating. Glucose Buddy is easy to use.

But an important challenger has just appeared. I happened to learn about it while waiting for a bus at the Medicine 2.0 convention that I attended at Stanford University earlier this month.

That’s when I met Jen Dyer, MD, MPH. She’s the endocrinologist who created the new app that she calls EndoGoddess. She told me then that she had just left the practice of endocrinology to concentrate on her app, and that Apple would release it shortly.

The EndoGoddess app is now available, and I have begun to use it. I’ve found it easy to use, comprehensive, and attractive. And it costs only 99 cents, which I figured I could easily afford in the pursuit of diabetes research and management.

I use it on both my iPod Touch and my iPad. While Dr. Dyer hasn’t yet come out with a version optimized for the iPad, the

EndoGoddess app looks great on that bigger mobile screen too.

This app is also fun. When we use it, we can earn points that will let us cash in for songs on iTunes.

As of today, only 6 people have rated the EndoGoddess app. But every one has given it 5 stars. If you have an iPhone, an iPod Touch, or an iPad, it’s worth your time and a few pennies to check it out.

This article is based on an earlier version of my article published by HealthCentral.

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  • Adam Oakson at

    It was such a great software. I know that lot of people suffering from diabetes would probably use such application. I am excited to try it as well.