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Diabetes Testing

Diabetes Testing

DNA Testing

The first genetic test available to determine a risk factor for type 2 diabetes recently became available. I just beta tested and discussed it with the company’s CEO and several other officials. DNA Direct, a privately funded company in San Francisco, offers the test of this gene that can lead to diabetes. Continue Reading

Diabetes Testing

Accu-Chek Smart Pix Device Reader

At the Children with Diabetes convention at DisneyWorld in July Dr. Irl Hirsch announced that a new Accu-Chek device is the first good way that we have to measure glycemic variability, because it incorporates new low and high blood glucose indices. It’s a big step forward, but the product’s developer tells me that what it offers is something else. Continue Reading

Diabetes Diet

Testing AGEs

While I am vacationing in New Mexico, I combined a little business with pleasure by visiting VeraLight Inc. in Albuquerque on Friday. I wanted to check out their device that uses fluorescence to non-invasively measure advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) in the skin. Continue Reading

Diabetes Testing

Less Meter is More

This weekend I happened to sit down for breakfast at our local farmers’ market with a couple of young women. I noticed that one of them was checking her blood glucose with the original FreeStyle meter and couldn’t resist striking up a conversation with her. Continue Reading