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By David Mendosa

Last Update: January 16, 2001

You can reach the American Diabetes Association's national call center at its toll-free telephone number, 1 (800) 342-2383 (1 800 Diabetes). Free information kits by mail or fax, news, and personalized information is available.

The local telephone number of the ADA's southcentral regional office in Irvine is (800) 252-8233, but they will refer most calls to the national number above.

Diabetes resources in Dallas.

The ADA has an extremely comprehensive Web site at

You can reach the Dallas chapter of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation JDF at (214) 373-9808. This organization not only sends information packets to help families with a child newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes but it also puts children of the same age level in touch with others who also have diabetes. It also connects mothers and fathers of children with type 1 diabetes with other parents facing the same challenge.

The Web site of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International is

For a brochure on the campaign for the Search for the Missing Millions you can call 1 (800) 708-7001. 

This is an unedited version of the article that originally appeared in The Dallas Morning News, December 7, 1998.

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