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Cream of Chana Soup


"My husband was diagnosed with type 2 diabletes last year," writes Barb Rogers, "and now we eat chana dal regularly. Since he's not a fan of highly spiced foods, I cook the chana dal to resemble cream of chicken soup. We love it, as do guests who dine at our table. They have NO idea that they are eating beans." She adds that, "Though there is no dairy component in this soup, you'd swear you're eating cream of chicken. My husband manages his blood glucose with diet, so we really love chana dal!"


Rinse chana dal and simmer in chicken broth until soft (I use a commercial chicken base for speed). Add salt and pepper to taste, then blend until smooth in an electric blender. Return to pot and add mixed vegetables (I just add canned ones, as they are quick and easy). Serve.


Chicken pieces.


Contributed by Barb Rogers via email.

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Last modified: April 4, 2007

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