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The Varieties of Diabetes News

By David Mendosa

Last Update: March 19, 2002

Most of the top Web sites for diabetes information have a page or a section about the news. There's a good reason for it, since keeping up with the news is probably the best way to get people to return.

Yahoo News lets you tailor your search.

But you will still find the most news on sites that specialize in it. These sites have changed so much since I reviewed News About Diabetes here in September 1998 that it's time for an update. Half of the sites I reviewed then no longer exist.

When I look back at that column, I am most surprised that I never mentioned Yahoo's clipping service. I don't remember when I discovered it, but ever since then, this site has been the one that I rely on the most to keep me up to date.

Yahoo News lets you tailor your search for just about anything. Since I search for "diabetes," the URL is

Yahoo matches stories that it finds on the major wire services, newspapers, and Web sites. Many of the most provocative stories come from Reuters, which many sites carry. But it also has stories from the Associated Press, HealthSCOUT, The New York Times, Internet Wire, and numerous other sources. Its links remain available for five or six days, so I make a note to search it regularly.

The Yahoo News site offers more stories that any other. It includes articles where the word diabetes comes up just one time, such as when the person featured has this condition. The only problem is that there are a lot of articles, and this super-broad coverage could be too much for many folks.

If Yahoo's variety of the news is too all-encompassing for you, there are several excellent alternatives. My new favorite is the Diabetes News Digest from Daily Living with Chronic Illness. Much more targeted than Yahoo, at the same time it casts an even wider net as it summarizes news from more than 200 online news sources.

Sponsored by an online clipping service called Clip Genius, Diabetes News Digest comes to your email inbox every other Tuesday as a newsletter. You can subscribe and read the archives here .

"I started this project after I found that most diabetes publications are not even capturing 50 percent of the news that Clip Genius finds every week," Managing Editor Shaloo Bhargava tells me. She says that they launched the first public issue last month.

The digest summarizes the news, groups them for easy review, and provides direct links to the actual articles. The summary groups cover a variety of perspectives including treatment, prevention, and political impact. The digest currently targets North American audiences, pulling mostly from North American news resources with a growing list of international sources.

Somewhere between the broad scope of Yahoo and the targeted focus of the Diabetes News Digest is MSNBC's Diabetes Front Page . It is attractively presented, but doesn't seem to have any news that Yahoo missed.

If these three varieties aren't enough, you can always go to the major diabetes Web sites for their takes on the news. This Web site of the American Diabetes Association continues to have the one of the strongest news offerings. But the URL has changed and you can now find "In the News" here

The American Diabetes Association originally published this article on its Web site as one of my “About the Internet” columns.

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diabetes supplement
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