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FreeStyle Connect

By Al Behrens

Last Update: March 25, 2001

I recently bought FreeStyle Connect, the new software program from TheraSense Inc. that tracks your glucose readings obtained from your FreeStyle meter. This software became available to the public late December 2000 as Version 1.6. I ordered the program from TheraSense for $75, and it came with the necessary cable and CD-ROM disc. If you need 3.5 inch floppy diskettes, you can order them by calling TheraSense's customer service at (888)522-5226.

The system requirements are:

Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 2000 operating systems. Note: It also works with Windows ME.

486/33 MHz processor or higher

16 Megs or greater of RAM

30 Megs of free hard drive space minimum

An available 9 pin RS-232 serial port (for meter connection)

CD-ROM or 3.5 inch floppy disk drive, as I stated above

Printer for hard copies (if required), and

800x600 resolution or greater VGA monitor.

When I installed the program it rendered two choices, "Home" or "Clinic." If using your PC at home you would choose home. The clinic is just what it states, for clinic use. Example: your doctor or other health care professional.


The program installed without any "hitches."

I had no problem "downloading" from my meter into the software program. You are able to set up a variety of options of the "user." The meter can only download the last 250 readings, which you should download quite often.


This program didn't let you erase all the meter readings, which some other programs let you do.

Also, the charts are very "cheesy" in appearance compared with other programs that are available.

I wasn't able to "Edit" any downloaded glucose readings from the meter. If you need to "Edit" you must do it from the meter after your blood glucose reading. For example: lets say you test your friend's glucose, and you don't want that reading to show into the program. You must hold down the "C" button on your meter to "omit" (or flag) that reading from showing up into the program. I find this hard to do, because most of the time I just forget! But again, once it in your meter there's no way to stop that reading from entering the program.

One last problem that I found is in printing favorite charts. The program has eight in all so, I selected four from the eight to print, and it wouldn't allow me to print these favorites. So, I must print each one individually for it to work. I'm not sure if it's my printer drivers causing this problem or the program. Let's just say, I never had any problem printing from any other source.


All in all, the entire program isn't all that bad. Maybe it's because I'm used to the other programs that I have used in the past. Nevertheless, this is in my opinion the best glucose meter available to date. It uses the smallest droplet of blood by far (size of a pinhead). So, I'll just get used to the software.

I will up-date this report as I become more familiar with the program or discover any changes to it.


Here are links to learn more about the meter and software program:

The TheraSense company Web site is .

Children with Diabetes reviewed this program at .

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