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Crooked Tree Lagoon

December 18th, 2011 · 1 Comment

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The main attraction of Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary in Northern Belize is the opportunity to take a guided boat trip through its lagoons. A paradise for people who love birds and wildlife, this sanctuary is an inland island surrounded by a chain of fresh-water lagoons.

Our tour guide, Glenn Crawford, lives in Crooked Tree village, knows the area well, and has his own motor boat. On the Monday morning before Thanksgiving he took Sharon, Sandy, and me through the Northern Lagoon, which is in the sanctuary to the east of the village.

But even before we left land we saw many colorful birds around the dock. One of the most colorful was this little flycatcher.

A Male Vermillion Flycatcher

A Male Vermillion Flycatcher

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Raptors are some of my favorite birds, and along the lagoon we saw five species of them. The hawk below is mainly a fish eater.

A Snail Kite Flies

A Black-collared Hawk Flies

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My biggest thrill was seeing four species of parrots. Like most Americans, I have seen so many pet parrots that I have a real feeling for them. But this Yellow-headed Parrot is endangered, partly because of the pet trade.

A Yellow-headed Parrot Eats Blossom Berries

A Yellow-headed Parrot Eats Blossom Berries

Click on the picture above to enlarge

That night back at Crooked Tree Lodge we went out on the dock. All of a sudden it seemed like all the birds started singing a long chorus. Fortunately, I had my Canon 7D camera, and in movie mode it records sound. Since night had already fallen, the movie is mostly black. But I was able to capture the sound of that night, and playing it again and again brings back memories of my visit. I uploaded it to YouTube, and you can watch it below to hear the sounds of a night in Belize.


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  • 1 Fran Stearns // Dec 22, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    You do take me down memory lane with your nightsounds of Belize….