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Glacier Helicopter Tour‏

June 1st, 2011 · No Comments

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My Alaska vacation ended with an overview from on high, a helicopter tour of the glaciers in Juneau’s backyard.

During the entire trip I was blessed with sun and no real rain — only a couple brief showers. My good weather luck held to the end when the clouds broke on Friday morning, offering me excellent viewing for a helicopter tour.

Purposefully waiting until that morning to make a reservation, I called three tour companies. One didn’t return my call until two days later, when I was already back in the lower 48, and another didn’t have anything until the afternoon, when I correctly expected the clouds to build up again. But Era Helicopters needed a fourth person immediately in order to made the flight. Their friendly driver arrived 10 minutes later at the Driftwood Lodge, where I was staying.

The Views of the Glaciers were Spectacular

The Views of the Glaciers were Spectacular

Click on the picture above to enlarge
The Tundra Looks Like a Piece of Art

The Tundra Looks Like a Piece of Art

Click on the picture above to enlarge

Nate, our excellent and exceptionally courteous pilot, even landed the helicopter on one of the glaciers. He took this shot of me as I gingerly walked on the ice.

Apparently Alone on the Glacier

Apparently Alone on the Glacier

Click on the picture above to enlarge

This further extension of the optional extension of the Inside Passage tour gave me yet another way to see Alaska. With this flight, the modes of transportation that I took in Alaska included a ship, a jet boat, a catamaran, a skiff, two kayaks, a fixed-wing plane, a railroad train, a van, a shuttle bus, a city bus, and a taxi. You can say that I really get around.


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