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Southwestern Colorado: Mt. Sopris

September 28th, 2009 · No Comments

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Sometimes even the best lens isn’t good enough. I needed both my 18-200mm zoom and my 300mm telephoto lens to capture spectacular Mt. Sopris on Friday.

Not until after 1 p.m. did I get away on my unplanned road trip to southwestern Colorado. First, Nancy, my friend and neighbor, and I went out for breakfast and then took a hike together. Then, I needed to pack.

Even though I got a late start I didn’t feel rushed — not until I got to Glenwood Springs, near the end of the high rent district. All the way west on Interstate 70 I passed one upscale ski resort after another, including the most famous, Vail. I took a good look around Vail, which again struck me like a chic wide spot in the road. Colorado’s other top end ski resort, Aspen, which I visited with my friend Mark a few months ago, still attracts me much more.

The pricy resorts stop at Carbondale, just south of Glenwood Springs and west of Aspen. On Friday when I got to Glenwood Springs about 6 p.m. I realized that I needed to step on it in order to catch the last light on foot Mt. Sopris. This 13,000 foot mountain towers 7,000 feet over the Crystal River Resort about six miles south of Carbondale, where I had a reservation to spend the night in a charming cabin. It lacked wifi, but places — like lenses — can’t have everything.

My timing to capture Mt. Sopris was perfect. I got to the resort about 6:30, took my first shot at 6:38 and my last one at 7:01 just after the light faded. I used my best tripod with each lens to get the sharpest photos I could.

When I bought my new 300mm telephoto lens I knew that its fixed focal length lacked the flexibility of my zoom lens. So I needed this shot with my zoom lens turned to a 35mm focal length to set the scene:

Mt. Sopris and the Crystal River at the Crystal River Resort

Mt. Sopris and the Crystal River at the Crystal River Resort

Six minutes earlier I got this close up of the mountain with my brand new 300mm lens. What a difference!

Close Up of Mt. Sopris

Close Up of Mt. Sopris

Not only is the photo with my 300mm lens shaper, but the color is also so much better. This is probably because I took this photo before the color of the setting sun was already beginning to fade.

I am really happy with my  lenses!


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