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Alaska: Safety Sound‏

September 3rd, 2009 · No Comments

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This morning I was on the road to Safety Sound before the sun was up. Safety Sound is a bay on the Bering Sea about 20 miles south of Nome, where I am staying for a few days in the Community United Methodist Church.

I got going so early because I hoped to see bears. In the event I did track a bear on the beach sand near Safety Sound. But I didn’t see any bears. Even better, no bears saw me.

I tracked the bear’s prints. At lunch at the Senior Center with Pastors Julie and David Elmore I asked people if this was a grizzly, and they said that it was and it was probably running. Away from me.

Tracking a Grizzly

Tracking a Grizzly

Safety Sound

Safety Sound

The Eskimos go out in winter to catch seals, whales, and walruses. It gets too cold even for them, so when they get back on land they warm up in little warming huts that I saw all up and down the coast between Nome and Safety Sound.

Warming Hut

Warming Hut

This afternoon I am back in Nome. I’m shooting a lot of photos of Julie and David for the article I’m writing about them as well as other shots of the town that will follow. Today is a great day for photography, because even though the temperature is in the 40s the sky is almost completely clear of clouds.


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