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Big Basin

March 16th, 2009 · 1 Comment

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Today I couldn’t decide whether I wanted to see more of the coast or the coast redwoods. So I compromised — and saw both.

But my compromise was also between photography and hiking. And photography came out ahead, because I did that first.

Scott Creek Lagoon

Scott Creek Lagoon

Greyhound Rock -- A man is Standing on It Left of Center

Greyhound Rock -- A man is Standing on It Left of Center

Surf\'s Up!

Surf's Up!

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

My destination today was Big Basin Redwoods State Park, about 25 miles north of Santa Cruz via the normal route. But instead I drove up Highway 1 along the coast beyond Big Basin and up Pescadero Creek and then down to Big Basin, a journey of more than 100 miles.

As a result it was nearly dark when I reached the park. But I wanted to hike to Sempervirens Falls and was mentally prepared (and flashlight prepared) to hike back from the falls in the dark. But not finding that trail, I settled on one of the two greatest short trails that I know (the other one is the Redwood Grove Trail in Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park, where John and I hiked yesterday evening).

The Redwood Loop Trail in Big Basin winds around the biggest old-growth redwoods in the park. The “Mother of the Forest” is the biggest of all in that park:

Mother of the Forest

Mother of the Forest

Since I had said goodbye to John this morning, I didn’t have anyone to pose in front of this giant. Lacking that perspective, it doesn’t look that big. But do believe the sign!

Sometimes when we compromise, we can get almost everything we want. I did today.


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  • 1 Rosemary L. Sams // Mar 18, 2009 at 11:43 am

    Yes! That is a very great photo!!! I was there in Nov./08 and took some of red woods and ocean were you did your photo.
    I live in Moses lake,Wa. It is good to hihe and do photo’s!!
    May God Bless You!!

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