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New Favorite

February 3rd, 2009 · 2 Comments

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Lately, whenever I think of the Spring Brook Loop Trail, I think of Alison Krauss and her song, “New Favorite.” But Alison sings of jealousy, a trait that trails don’t have.

The Spring Brook Loop is my new favorite trail. It has everything I want: The trailhead is only five miles from my apartment, yet it’s totally away from civilization in the foothills of the Rockies. The trail is just steep enough to give me a good workout; it’s not rocky so I can make good time on it; and the uphill part comes first so I can coast down on the return trip. It is indeed a loop, the sort of trail that I love, because a loop gives you more views for your effort. It also has beautiful surroundings that aren’t totally closed in by forest.

This trail, however, was awfully muddy when I was here before on New Year’s Eve. But, hey, nobody’s perfect. And since we haven’t had any snow or rain for a week or so, the trail was perfect today.

So was the weather. Warm (57 degrees in Boulder), calm, and sunny, the weather couldn’t have been more different from yesterday’s. I didn’t wear any jacket, gloves, or headsock, much less hand and foot warmers. “Spectacular weather today!” exclaimed one cyclist I met on the trail.

Another cyclist, John Green, stopped to talk cameras. Carrying one seems to be almost as good a way of striking up a conversation as going out with a dog or a child.

John was carrying the latest addition to his arsenal of 13 cameras, a Canon PowerShot. While it doesn’t shoot in RAW, it is a beautiful little camera with a large and bright LCD display. John took several photos of me, including this one:

Getting out my Business Card to Give to John

Getting out my Business Card to Give to John

Because the air was still today, I was able shoot plants along the trail. I experimented with using higher ISO values, because I haven’t noticed any digital noise with my great new Canon 50D until I set the ISO value awfully high. While I took the first of the plants below at ISO 100, I was able to stop down the second to f/22 for greater depth of field on the plant by shooting at ISO 800 with no apparent noise:

Plant and Sky

Plant and Sky

Plant and Water

Plant and Water

The plant above is growing along the spillway, which is now full of water. The last couple of times I was here, the spillway was completely dry. And the last time I was here the bridge over the spillway connecting the Spring Brook Loop Trail to the Goshawk Ridge Trail wasn’t in place yet. Now we have a bridge:

New Bridge Over the Spillway

New Bridge Over the Spillway

Since I was out for most of this spectacular day, I ate my lunch (mackerel and coffee) beside the trail. While I didn’t find any rocks or logs to sit on, the ground welcomed me and the vista was grand:

View at Lunch Time

View at Lunch Time


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  • 1 Robert K Fenton // Feb 22, 2009 at 5:46 pm

    Interesting last picture. In the picture of you – to the right of you and at right angle from your nose and half way between you and the tree on your right – it that a stump in the background or a squirrel? I like the depth of focus in this picture.

  • 2 David Mendosa // Feb 22, 2009 at 5:56 pm

    Dear Bob,

    Even after magnifying the original image, I’m not sure!

    Best regards,


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