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Eldorado Canyon‏

February 2nd, 2009 · No Comments

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Since I didn’t get any exercise yesterday, I knew that I had to get out today. Otherwise, my slow-twitch muscles might not twitch so well.

The sports physiologists say that after about 48 hours of inactivity, we lose some of our slow-twitch muscle capacity. I want to stay fit so much that I braved miserable weather this morning. Quite windy, cold, and dark, the day didn’t attract many other people to the trails around Boulder. But it was good to have the trail to myself, especially after having to share the Brainard Lake area on Saturday with about two million other people.

I wanted to get back to the mountains, and the most beautiful nearby mountains are those around Eldorado Canyon. I also wanted to walk to the end of the Fowler Trail in the canyon to where it connects to the new Goshawk Ridge Trail that I hiked a couple of weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if I had ever hiked the entire trail before.

I had. And I hiked it twice today. Almost to the junction of Goshawk Ridge, I realized that the holder for my graduated neutral density filter had dropped off the camera lens. So I backtracked, concerned that the heavy wind might have blown it out of sight. Fortunately, I found it here right in the middle of the trail:

Fowler Trail

Fowler Trail

The Fowler Trail runs above South Boulder Creek in Eldorado Canyon. This morning was just as cold as it looks:

A Pool in South Boulder Creek

A Pool in South Boulder Creek

Ice in South Boulder Creek

Ice in South Boulder Creek


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