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Cowdry Draw Trail‏

January 9th, 2009 · No Comments

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After getting my SUV serviced at the Toyota dealership today, I was in such a good mood that I just had to go hiking. I had just enough time before dark.

Many things put me in a good mood today. The day started wonderfully with my first yoga class after my operation.

Then, while I waited at the dealership, I read a new 15-year study of about 5,000 people how regular walking keeps the weight off. I will review that study for Health Central soon.

And then the Toyota dealership didn’t charge me anything for either my three-month service or for fixing a slow leak in one of my SUV’s tires. They waived the charges because I wasn’t pleased that they told me it would be a two-hour wait — and then completed everything in an hour.

Not having to add air to the tire every day was also a relief, particularly when I take long trips to the mountains.

Today, however, I didn’t have time for a long trip. While I was waiting at the dealership, I used my laptop computer to check the local trail map. I spotted a trail just 7 miles from my apartment that I had never taken before.

This Cowdry Draw Trail parallels the road that I often take when I go shopping at Whole Foods. It’s rural, but not isolated, and rather short. Perfect for the limited time I had this afternoon.

But the weather turned awfully cold today. It was literally freezing, but with the wind chill factor, the temperature was 7 degrees. I was so cold that my eyes hurt; so cold that I ran almost all of the way back.

When I reached the Cowdry Draw Trailhead at 4 p.m., dense clouds covered the sun. I didn’t expect any pictures anyway and had only my little Panasonic Lumix camera with me. That’s the one that I carry everywhere that go when I don’t want to lug around my heavy Canon 50D SLR.

But as sunset approached, the clouds lifted, as they often do here, briefly lighting the far mountain ranges:

Sunset on the Peaks

Sunset on the Peaks

Then, a few minutes later the light changed dramatically as it brightened some of Boulder’s foothills:

Looking North Toward Boulder and Beyond

Looking North Toward Boulder and Beyond

As I hurried back to my warm SUV by 5:30 I nevertheless had to stop to admire the ditch. When I moved to Colorado, a ditch was just a ditch to me. Then, I read Michener’s wonderful celebration of Colorado, Centennial. From it I learned many things, including the crucial role that irrigation — through ditches, reservoirs, tunnels, and more — has in the success of agriculture here on the high plains.

Tonight the full moon shone down on the Community Ditch. It’s not just a ditch.

It\'s Not Just a Ditch

It's Not Just a Ditch


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