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Lost And Found

August 10th, 2007 · No Comments

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Today was a great day to get out of Boulder. The local newspaper this morning said that the temperature would reach 100 degrees. So I went hiking in search of Lost Lake in the Indian Peaks Wilderness, hiking from 9,000 up to 10,000 feet, where it was a lot cooler. I found the lake and more.

I also found the wallet that someone named William Briggs lost on the trail at a bridge over Boulder Creek. I stopped there to take pictures of the creek, to take off my pack, and to drink some water. His wallet contained his drivers license, a credit card and a debit card, other identification cards, including one that said it was a full-time professor at the University of Colorado. His wallet also had an unlucky $13 in cash.

I knew he was 58 and what he looked like from photos on his identification cards. So I looked closely at the older men I passed on the trail and even asked several of them if they were Dr. Briggs.

But he was not on the trail. So I hiked on to Lost Lake and found it about three hours after I got to the trailhead. The only reason why I can think of that they call it lost is because as you climb steeply you don’t expect a lake there at all.

But it is beautiful and I enjoyed stopping there for a small lunch and to enjoy the view.

Lost Lake

Lost Lake

My maps don’t show a trail around the lake, but I found one anyway. On the warmer south side of the lake I found these beautiful mushrooms.

Mushrooms near Lost Lake

Mushrooms near Lost Lake

After almost 6 hours and 13,000 steps and 5 miles up and back, I returned to Suzy and from there back to Boulder. The first place I went was to the address listed from William Briggs on his drivers license. He was home.

“Dr. Briggs, I presume,” I greeted him as I had planned, having just listened to a book on my iPod about Stanley’s famous greeting in the middle of Africa to Dr. Livingstone.  “Yes,” he replied. “You were supposed to ask how did you know my name?” I said then. Being so literary, I wanted to say, “Elemental my dear William. I have your wallet.”

But he knew it anyway. “I hope it is because you found my wallet,” he then replied.

I said that I hoped that he hadn’t cancelled his debit and credit cards, and he hadn’t. He has just put a 48-hour hold on them, something that I didn’t know was possible.

When I got back home, I looked him up on the Internet with Google, as I am wont to do, particularly now that I am listening to a new book on my iPod about that search engine. He is indeed Dr. Briggs, a professor of mathematics with a Ph.D. from Harvard.

Dr. Briggs told me that he had lost his wallet this morning as he was running up that steep trail. That’s what people in Boulder are like. And you think that I’m crazy for hiking all the time!


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