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Centennial Trail

December 6th, 2008 · No Comments

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The Centennial Trail is too easy. It it is absolutely level. And besides, it’s paved.

But today it suited my needs perfectly. “No climbing for two weeks,” says my doctor. And the fact that the trail is paved means I could forgo the dubious pleasure of scraping mud off my boots when I came back to my apartment.

It’s an attractive and pleasant place to walk, so I took it a lot when I first moved to Boulder, when the arthritis in my knee made climbing out of the question.

Today I am feeling wonderful, and the weather is great: sunny and still. I absolutely had to get out. However, I made sure not to overdo it, limiting my walk to less than an hour.

On the high plains just east of Boulder, the Centennial Trail runs between a golf course on the north and an irrigation ditch and large open field on the south. While I’ve often seen cows grazing in the field, I don’t remember ever seeing llamas here before.

Two Llamas

Two Llamas

Some people here use llamas to carry their packs on long trips. The famous Colorado photographer John Fielder writes often about his llamas. Because they are easier on the environment, Rocky Mountain National Park allows llamas where it doesn’t allow horses to go. If I could figure out how to get one or two of them, I would love to have them carry my pack for me in the high mountains!


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