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Doudy Draw‏

December 7th, 2007 · No Comments

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Snow doesn’t scare me now. Ice doesn’t intimidate me.

It used to. The only auto accident I ever had in the 56 years I’ve been driving happened in 1958 or 1959 when my 1948 Mercedes got stuck in some streetcar tracks on a bridge over the Main River in Würzburg. We slid in slow motion for 30 or 40 feet into another car stopped at a light at the end of the bridge.

I also remember my car sliding on ice once in Washington, but fortunately stopping before making contact with the rest of the world. I hate that lack of control!

But now, after 20 winters of snow and ice (Germany, DC, Maryland, Virginia, Utah, Kansas, and Colorado), I am getting used to it. What scared me the most was driving on ice in a regular car. But my SUV has 4-wheel drive, vehicle stability control and – most importantly – anti-lock brakes. They give me the control that I have to have on the road.

On the trail I now have the clothing and equipment to deal with snow and ice. I needed it today. It wasn’t icy, because it was just above freezing when I went out, although it has dropped to 26 degrees at the moment. But there was an inch or two of snow everywhere.

I hiked the Doudy Draw Trail. It’s just a few miles from here off the Eldorado Canyon Road. One advantage of walking in the snow is that you tend to have the trail to yourself!

I dressed for the occasion and stayed warm. Except for my nose, which got cold on the outbound part of the hike. On the way back I appreciated wearing my nose mask.

On the outbound part of the hike I listened to Mozart’s six string quartets on my iPod. Glorious music!

I try to get out on the trails at least six days a week for maybe 15 or 16 hours all told. Some of the hikes are mere walks not far from my apartment, so I don’t tell about them.

I am a stubborn man, determined to get my favorite outdoor exercise come sun or snow. The snow came last night, blanketing all of Boulder with at least an inch of that pretty white stuff. It has continued snowing lightly until now. Wonderful hiking weather!

The Trail Today

The Trail Today

The Draw

The Draw

Magpie in Snow

Magpie in Snow


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