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Full Winter Regalia‏

December 9th, 2007 · No Comments

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Much more snow fell last night and this morning. We now have four to six inches on the ground. Perfect for my new snowshoes.

I was beginning to think about going out in the snow when I got two signs. The snow stopped and suddenly the clouds lifted on a sunny scene. And the power failed.

That was enough to get me moving. I bundled up in my full winter regalia so well that the elements couldn’t reach an inch of my body.

In addition to the winter gear that I have been wearing, today I wore my gaiters, snowshoes, and had my new ski goggles to protect my eyes from the cold.

It was cold. The temperature dipped to zero just as I started my snowshoe adventure. But it’s climbed to 19 degrees now.

Prepared as I was, I never noticed the cold. I did notice that the snow and the snowshoes slowed me up, so much that it took about three hours to go from my apartment through the undeveloped CU property nearby and on to the South Boulder Creek Trail, no more than a couple of miles roundtrip.

Although slow, the snowshoes were easy to use. I had only used them once before on a short expedition with Karen. Today I felt secure using them the whole time.

The hardest thing was to get through the gate between the CU property and the South Boulder Creek Trail. When I first moved here a couple of years ago, I was too fat to squeeze through the narrow opening. Lately I have made it through easily, but today I had to remove my pack and almost had to remove my snowshoes, which are almost as wide as the opening.

I went on to visit the prairie dog colony on the South Boulder Creek Trail. They are the least fearful and therefore most photogenic prairie dogs anywhere around here. They were all buried in their burrows today. But not me!

The Trail not Taken

The Trail not Taken

Bear Mountain from South Boulder Creek Trail

Bear Mountain from South Boulder Creek Trail


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