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Caribou Ranch

July 2nd, 2007 · No Comments

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Today it was so hot in Boulder — exactly 100 degrees — that I knew that I had to get away to the high country. But I didn’t go quite as far as my Saturday hike to Long Lake. I went 20 miles straight west to the newest Boulder County open space, Caribou Ranch. I did hike half of the trail a couple of years ago, and that tired me out. Today, I am in much better shape, and I hiked every foot of the 4.5 miles of the trail.

It was great. Really warm, but not uncomfortable, because the elevation is 8,800 feet rising very gently to 8,900 feet.

I have been waiting for months to go back there. But until yesterday it was closed “to protect spring migratory birds and elk calving and rearing.” Of course, I looked for elk, but didn’t see any, whether large or small. No caribou either, although I rather doubt that any of them ever lived on the ranch.

Here is a picture someone took of me today at the pond near the old homestead. Note my pedometer on which I racked up more than 12,000 steps today. Don’t note my new hat, which looks too small on my big head — guess I will go back to my old ones:

My Little Hat on Big Me

My Little Hat on Big Me

Here is the idyllic setting of the homestead:

The DeLonde Family Homesteaded Here in the 1870s

The DeLonde Family Homesteaded Here in the 1870s

And here is near where North Boulder Creek starts:

North Boulder Creek Courses Through Caribou Ranch

North Boulder Creek Courses Through Caribou Ranch


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