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Wild Basin

April 15th, 2008 · No Comments

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While others toiled over their taxes, I romped in the Rockies today. I put on my snowshoes and went to Copeland Falls in the Wild Basin area of Rocky Mountain National Park on the warmest day of the year.

In Boulder the temperature reached 82 degrees, and it must have been in the 70s where I was at 8500 feet today. While it was a little windy, no one minds the wind when it’s that warm.

But sadly, the snowshoe season seems to be over, while the hiking and backpacking season hasn’t started yet. The snow is too slushy and spotty for easy travel with snowshoes, while it’s too deep to go without them. Several times even with my snowshoes I sunk more than 1 foot into the soft snow.

For some reason that I can’t explain I hadn’t been to this beautiful part of the park for months. While I had hiked there twice before, it was the first time I had ever snowshoed in that area.

On the way today I passed Copeland Lake. Here it is with 13,911-foot Mt. Meeker in the background. This is the second highest peak in Rocky Mountain National Park after nearby Longs Peak (14,259).

Mt Meeker (13,911 feet) from Copeland Lake

Mt Meeker (13,911 feet) from Copeland Lake

Today was a glorious day on the trail. And surprisingly, I passed only one other person on my 3-mile roundtrip from the winter gate to Copeland Falls. The falls, which are on North St. Vrain Creek, were almost totally snow-covered today.

Copeland Falls under Snow

Copeland Falls under Snow

I never thought that I would miss winter snow. But I already do. It’s pure and simple, like the desert that I also love.

For now I will stay in Boulder and in the nearby foothills. With my new bicycle I have a lot of exploring to do out here on the high plains.

And two days a week I get my exercise at the East Boulder Recreation Center, where I am taking a resistance training class for people over 50. It meets every Monday and Wednesday, so I know where I will be tomorrow.


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