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Sunset at Coot Lake

November 1st, 2008 · No Comments

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This afternoon as I sat back in my easy chair by the big window of my apartment I planned to finish a wonderful biography that I had started yesterday. But I happened to glance at the sky and noticed how cloudy it was.

I didn’t use to welcome cloudy weather. But clouds can be a photographer’s friend, especially for sunset shots.

So I jumped up, grabbed my camera, and set off for Coot Lake. When I had gone there at sunrise Thursday morning, I knew that it would be just as beautiful at sunset.

Arriving at the lake about a half hour early this evening, I took my book along to read while I waited for the sun to do its thing. The book is Dreams from My Father, Barak Obama’s first book. He wrote it in the early 1990s after his fellow law school students at Harvard elected him as the first black president of The Harvard Law Review.

I had already read his second book, The Audacity of Hope. I already knew that he had written both books himself without the ghost writers other political leaders generally use, and his style greatly impressed me.

Still, I wasn’t prepared to be as moved as I am by Dreams from My Father. I had always seen Obama as the finished personality he has become, never appreciating his difficult journey to this point nor realizing how painfully honest he was in telling it.

I can’t remember ever reading any other book by a presidential candidate since the 1950s when I bought and read a little book by Senator John F. Kennedy, Profiles in Courage. I still remember paying all of 25 cents for a brand new paperback copy at the PX on my Army base in Germany. Profiles in Courage too was a great book in its own way, but many people now think that Ted Sorenson ghostwrote most of it.

Dreams from My Father is essentially Obama’s autobiography of his developing years. I did continue reading it by the lake until 5:45 when the sky above took on the hues of the golden hour.

Coot Lake at Sunset

Coot Lake at Sunset

Now that I am back home and it’s dark out, I will sit down to finish this marvelous book by the remarkable man who will be our next President — if this country will be so blessed.


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