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Hiking with Margaret

November 1st, 2008 · 1 Comment

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This morning Margaret Leesong from Seoul, Korea, came to visit me here in Boulder. Dr. Leesong handles international business relations for i-Sens Inc., one of the world’s leading blood glucose meter and test strip manufacturers.

Until now, however, i-Sens has been little known in the U.S., because it sells largely as an OEM for other companies to put on their brand name. But now i-Sens is starting to market its meters directly.

Margaret stopped to see me on her way back from Atlanta, where i-Sens participated for the first time in Medtrade, one of the largest international trade shows dedicated to the home healthcare industry. At the trade show from October 28 to 30, she presented her company’s three blood glucose meters, the CareSens II and CareSens POP as well as its new no-coding product CareSens N.

Even better, she gave me one of each of them. I intend to review them quite soon.

And better yet, Margaret brought me a box of 100 packets of Korean Red Ginseng Tea. I’m enjoying my first cup right now as I write.

When she called yesterday to confirm her arrival, Margaret suggested that we go for a walk before going for lunch. No surprisingly, that was absolutely fine with me!

We didn’t have enough time to get up to the Rockies before her flight back home left early this afternoon. No problem. I had been thinking anyway about going back to Eldorado Canyon State Park anyway, so we went to my favorite trail there.

The Fowler Trail was as pleasant as always on this warm Indian Summer day. The one photo that I had in mind to take all along was of the two of us.

I wanted to use my new Gitzo GT1550T Traveler 6x tripod, which got here Thursday afternoon. It weighs just 2 pounds four ounces and folds down to a compact 14 inches. Of my three other tripods, the Promaster is the the only one sturdy enough to handle my Canon 50D with its 200 mm lens. That tripod weights 3 pounds eight ounces and folds down to no less than 23 inches. Using the tripod and setting up the camera with the self-timer made this picture possible:

Margaret and Me

Margaret and Me

Below is my new tripod, the Gitzo, on the left, with the heavy Promaster clunker on the right:



As Margaret and I continued along the Fowler Trail she noticed groups of climbers on the rocks across the canyon from us. We actually saw four groups to two people each. I whipped out my camera and tripod again to photograph one group with the 200 mm lens, both full frame and close-up:

Climbers on the Canyon Wall

Climbers on the Canyon Wall

A Close-up of the Same Picture

A Close-up of the Same Picture

Inspired by the climbers, I asked Margaret if she wanted to go rock climbing with me. Fortunately, she didn’t call my bluff.

Instead, she took me out to lunch at my favorite Indian restaurant. We dawdled in fine food and great conversation so long that she almost missed her shuttle bus to the Denver airport.

What a great way to combine business and pleasure!


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