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Pella Crossing‏

October 23rd, 2008 · 1 Comment

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The good thing about the shorter days of fall is that I don’t have to get up quite so early to capture the beautiful early morning light with my camera. Sunrise today didn’t come until 7:20, and I was ready.

I went for the first time to Pella Crossing, which is out on the high plains a few miles north of Boulder. But it wasn’t quite ready for me. For the first hour after sunrise huge cloud bank to the east blocked the sun except on the mountain peaks.

But with my camera on my heavy tripod I was able to capture this image of the first light on Longs Peak at a low ISO (low noise) setting. I minimized camera shake by also using mirror lockup and the self-timer. When I got back home, however, I realized that I hadn’t turned off image stabilization, maybe because it seems counterintuitive to do that.

These terrible obstacles, both natural and self-made, still did not stop me from taking one picture worth sharing today. Here is majestic Longs Peak, the highest mountain in northern Colorado, towering above Heron Lake at Pella Crossing. I will return for more.

Longs Peak at First Light

Longs Peak at First Light


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  • 1 Ann Miller // Sep 7, 2009 at 11:40 am

    lovely photo. Doing research on Pella and found your site

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