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Ceran Saint Vrain Trail

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When people say that they love life, I think they are usually talking about the one life that they are leading. I certainly love what I get to do in my life, but when I say that I love life, I am talking about all the myriad forms of life. I find all of its forms wonderful and beautiful, sometimes in strange ways.

Today I found a great variety of lifeforms on the 1.9 mile Ceran Saint Vrain Trail [1] in Roosevelt National Forest. The trail parallels South St. Vrain Creek its whole way and the melodious sound of running water was my constant companion. The trailhead is three-quarters of an hour northwest of my home in Boulder.

On my hikes I am working my way up in stages to the high country. Summertime in Colorado is mountain time, where it’s cooler than on the high plains. Today I went from 5,365 feet at my home to 8,365 at the trailhead, up exactly 3,000 feet. I’m glad that my car rather than my feet took me there.

My biggest thrill on the trail was to see a species that had never seen before. It happens to be Colorado’s State Amphibian [2] and is one of the largest species of salamander in North America. This one is 6 to 8 inches long.

A Western Tiger Salamander [3]

A Western Tiger Salamander

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That was a lucky find. But I was especially lucky when I stopped to take a shot of a Wild Geranium. I bee happened to check it out at the same time, but didn’t land.

A Bee Buzzes a Wild Geranium [4]

A Bee Buzzes a Wild Geranium

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Among the few other flying things I saw ​today was this stunning butterfly.

A Weidemeyer's Admiral [5]

A Weidemeyer's Admiral

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Each of these species is a true work of art in itself. But a species that, sadly, many of us disdain, produces a work of art.

The Web of a Spider [6]

The Web of a Spider

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Even Fungus Growing on a Dead Log is Beautiful [7]

Even Fungus Growing on a Dead Log is Beautiful

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