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Golden Loop

October 7th, 2008 · No Comments

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Still searching for gold, I returned to Golden Gate Canyon State Park this morning. A park ranger told me last week that the best trails to find aspens turning yellow and gold were the Horseshoe Trail to Frazer Meadows and the Burro Trail loop. Since I had hiked the Horseshoe Trail many times, I took the Burro Trail loop on Friday.

Today I went back up the Horseshoe Trail and on the Mule Deer Trail a bit beyond Frazer Meadows. I returned on a trail new to me, the Black Bear Trail, which the park rates as “most difficult.”

I thought they might be exaggerating, but it was indeed a difficult trail. It required that I scamper over lots of rocks.

The range had told me that she expected the aspens to peak over the weekend because of rain and wind. She was right. About one trillion leaves were off the trees. But another trillion were hanging on beautifully.

About 150 years ago miners searched this area for the gold they found in the ground. I could have used some of that this afternoon, because I finally bought a digital single lens reflex camera. This is my fifth digital camera and my second single lens reflex camera, but my first DSLR.

My photojournalist friend Kevin Moloney this weekend recommended for my interests that the best camera for me would be the Nikon D300, which came out a year ago, or the Canon EOS 50D, which came out in August. I went to the local camera store to compare them, and my decision to get the Canon was an easy one.

It has 15.1 megapixels and an 18-200 millimeter zoom lens. And enough controls that I may not learn how to use it for a year or two.

My New Camera

My New Camera

Someday I may be able to take better pictures with my new camera than I can take with my Panasonic Lumix. That is a wonderful camera, but has only three times optical zoom. My new Canon camera will let me get closer closeups of animals and landscapes.

In fact, the very first shot that I took today was of distant mountains. Distant, but familiar, the mountains were the Flatirons as seen at 7 a.m. from one of the main commuter roads.

The Flatirons at First Light

The Flatirons at First Light

I did find gold on the golden loop when I got to Golden Gate Canyon State Park.

Golden Aspens

Golden Aspens

A Row of Aspens

A Row of Aspens

My final picture today as I hiked down the rocky Black Bear Trail offered this view of the Rockies and rocks, and trees, both pine and aspen. I’m not sure whether my new Canon camera could surpass this shot.

Snow and Rocks

Snow and Rocks


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