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Simply Nature

February 26th, 2013 · No Comments

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When I go out to photograph the landscape or birds, sometimes I don’t look for the simple beauty all around me. Yesterday, when I went to Prospect Park with my friend Marveen, who was visiting me from her home in Nikiski on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, I noticed that she was taking a picture of a dead weed in the snow. Then, when I looked more closely, I could see its simple beauty.

Marveen inspired me to see more of the beauty around us. Nothing is more simple than the snow that covered almost everything yesterday. By simplifying the scene the snow made it easy to focus my attention on the uncovered beauty of form and line.



Click on the picture above to enlarge


Click on the picture above to enlarge

The two shots are almost abstractions in their minimalism. They are some of first efforts at seeing and capturing images of the simple beauty all around us.


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