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Red Rocks

August 8th, 2008 · No Comments

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When I put on my daypack this morning, it felt so light! I had gotten used to carrying 39 pounds in my backpack. Today the load was only 9 pounds.

On my second attempt to find the red rocks that I saw from Flagstaff House Restaurant with Nancy about three weeks ago, I finally found them today. The are literally “The Red Rocks” of Boulder.

For a long time I had confused Boulder’s Red Rocks with Denver’s, which is famous for the amphitheater there. Both take their names from their large red sandstone rocks, which are geologically of the Fountain Formation.

Boulder's Red Rocks

Boulder's Red Rocks

Until today, I didn’t realize how much they figured in Boulder’s history. The first settlers here pitched their tents at the base of the sheltering Red Rocks exactly 150 years ago. One of them, a farmer from Missouri named Thomas Aikins, thought that the “mountains looked right for gold” in the foothills west of here. The next year, 1859, they found gold, and Boulder became a mining supply town.

For four hours this morning I wandered around a complex network of trails encircling the Red Rocks and the spur Anemone Hill Trail. Several years ago I had looked up from the trailhead and thought that the trail would be far to steep for me to consider climbing. While the elevation gain to the end of the Anemone Hill Trail is exactly 1000 feet, it felt easy today.

Anemone Hill takes its name from the Anemone patens or pasqueflower sometimes found there. While I didn’t see any of these beautiful flowers in bloom today, I found these about four months ago on the Sleepy Lion Trail.

Pasqueflower (Anemone patens)

Pasqueflower (Anemone patens)

It’s late for flowers at this altitude. This is the best flower shot I got today.

Pineywood Geranium

Pineywood Geranium


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