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Little Raven Ski Trail

October 1st, 2008 · No Comments

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Usually I am able to combine photography with fitness to have fun on my hikes. But not today.

Fitness and photography diverged in the woods today.

My plan was to hike the Little Raven Ski Trail in the Indian Peaks Wilderness near Brainard Lake. I planned to get to Redrock Lake at first light. Those parts of the plan worked out great.

Redrock Lake at First Light

Redrock Lake at First Light

The light hadn’t hit the lake yet in that photo. So I stuck around until it did.

A Close-up of Redrock Lake

A Close-up of Redrock Lake

Then I planned to hike directly to the Little Raven Sky Trail. But instead I took the very rough Jeep track to Lefthand Reservoir.

Lefthand Reservoir

Lefthand Reservoir

Both Little Raven and Lefthand refer to Arapaho Indian chiefs. Little Raven was a principal chief of the Southern Arapaho who struggled to defend his people’s rights against the tide of pioneers that reached the western plains in the 1840s. But the treaty of 1867 sent them to Oklahoma, and he peacefully led them there.

Niwot is the Arapaho word for left-handed. Chief Niwot. A peaceful man, he died with many of his people at the hands of the Colorado Territory Militia in the Sand Creek Massacre, the worst blot on
Colorado history.

A note on spelling: Arapaho is the modern spelling. However, some names, like one of the main streets in Boulder, retain the older spelling, Arapahoe.

Near the reservoir I found a trailhead to the Little Raven Sky Trail down to Brainard Lake. Four miles out and back gave me the exercise I needed today. Hiking through the dense pine forests presented no photo opportunities, but the view from Brainard Lake was worth the hike.

Brainard Lake and Mount Audubon

Brainard Lake and Mount Audubon

I stopped for lunch near this marsh along the Brainard Lake road after my hike. The combination of water, vegetation, and mountains in all of these pictures pleases me a lot.

A Little Pond, A Big Mountain

A Little Pond, A Big Mountain


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