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Visiting Belize

December 16th, 2011 · 7 Comments

The only difficulty in visiting Belize was getting there. This tiny Central American country on the Caribbean Sea is only a two or three hour flight from Miami, Houston, or Dallas/Fort Worth. But my friend Sharon and I went there just before Thanksgiving, and even with booking reservations months in advance, the best we could arrange was a red-eye flight from Denver to Miami and a six-hour layover before our two-hour flight to Belize City.

We arrived tired, but perked up immediately as we headed to the Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary in northern Belize. We stayed for the next three nights at the Crooked Tree Lodge in a village completely surrounded by a lagoon. The Crooked Tree name comes from an old Bullet Tree that is no longer standing.

At the airport our tour guide, Glenn Crawford, met Sharon, me, and the only other participant on the Wildside Nature Tour that we had booked. Glenn is an avid photographer and is essentially a photography guide, rather than a birding guide. But he knows all the birds and where to find them. He has a most pleasant, helpful personality. We got a lot done yet were never rushed. He has his own cameras, vehicle, and boat.

Glenn Liked My Canon 7D SLR Camera

Glenn Liked My Canon 7D SLR Camera

Click on the picture above to enlarge

The tour was so well done that as soon as I returned home I signed up for another one from the same company. I will be taking the Wildside Nature Tour to the Galapagos and Ecuador next July and August.

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