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Shadow Canyon Trail‏

May 25th, 2008 · No Comments

Early this morning I set off to climb the highest peak near Boulder. I didn’t make it. I am not is as good a shape as I thought I was.

I planned to high up a lateral of the Mesa Trail called the Shadow Canyon Trail and on to the summit of South Boulder Peak. The trail starts at the south end of the Mesa Trail in Eldorado Canyon at 5,600 feet. The peak is 8,549 feet. I only made it to 8,200 feet at the pass (or “saddle”) between South Boulder Peak and Bear Peak, The final 350 feet were out of my reach today.

As I approached the saddle I realized that it would have to be my destination today for a couple of reasons. I had started up Shadow Canyon Trail three or four times in the past few years, and it always did seem pretty tough going. And the higher you go the worse it gets.
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Mount Sanitas‏

November 4th, 2007 · No Comments

Today I really worked on my balance. The hike to the top of Mount Sanitas was even longer and steeper than yesterday’s hike to Royal Arch. But today I didn’t use my trekking poles – and didn’t regret going without them.

For years I had wanted to climb this nearby mountain. But the arthritis in my left knee stopped me. After that, the trail brought back unpleasant memories of Catherine’s operation at the nearby hospital. While they drained the ascites, the fluid that accumulated in her stomach as the result of her failing liver, I hiked the lower part of the trail.

But most of the trail today was new to me. I chose it because I was hiking in the afternoon and I wanted a view to the east (not into the sun). This morning I was at my desk writing an article.
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