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Dave's Tuna

By David Mendosa

Last Update: January 16, 2001

Even though Dave's is a company in Santa Cruz, California (the area where I live), I hadn't heard of it until I read a comparative review of canned tuna in the New York Times about three years ago.

This is not your average canned tuna. When I opened my first can, the first thing that struck me was that finally I got canned whole tuna that was, well, whole. One full piece of tuna.

Whole tuna that is whole.

Dave Greenberger catches the tuna by hook and line from his boat Jeanette. He doesn't use a net, so the tuna are instantly pulled out of the water and then cut to bleed out, which they can't do with net-caught tuna. Then he quickly refrigerates them. He has them cooked in their own natural juices with no water, oil, or salt added.

This careful processing has two results. The first, inevitably, is a high-cost product. The second, and more important, result is that this produces canned tuna unlike anything you've ever eaten before. If you are interested, it's best to buy it directly from Dave:

Dave's Albacore Tuna
P.O. Box 1904
Soquel, CA 95073
(831) 475-5847
(888) 454-TUNA

This article appeared originally on the, which is no longer on-line.

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