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Radio and Identification Codes

Prepared and Distributed by David Mendosa Based on Data from Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department and Other Sources


Code 1 Handle call at your convenience; acknowledge.
Code 2 Urgent, handle call immediately; no light or siren.
Code 3 Emergency, handle call immediately; use lights and siren.
Code 4 No further assistance needed.
Code 4 Adam No further assistance needed; but suspect not in custody.
Code 5 Stake out; uniformed officers stay away from location.
Code 6 Out of car for investigation at (location).
Code 6 Adam Out of car for investigation; assistance may be required.
Code 6 Charles Dangerous suspect. One-man unit stand by for assistance.
Code 7 Out of service to eat at (location).
Code 8 Fire call or fire alarm at (location).
Code 9 Vehicle stop at (location) (or jail break?)
Code 10 Out for warrant or subpoena service at (location) (or request clear frequency?).
Code 10 R Residence
Code 12 Patrol your district and report extent of disaster damage
Code 13 Major disaster activation.
Code 14 Resume normal operation.
Code 20 Notify press of newsworthy event.
Code 30 Burglar alarm ringing.
Code 33 Frequency is now restricted to emergency transmissions only.
Code 40 Traffic hazard exists (as used for subjects under the influence)
Code 50 Major disturbance (riot).
Code 60 Parking or traffic violation or car blocking.
Code 70 Service of vehicle (usually gasoline).
Code 80 Found property.
Code 91 Explosion.
Code 99 Emergency!
Code 100 Bomb threat (or in position to intercept subject).
Code 1000 Begin operation now.


10-1 Reception poor.
10-2 Reception good.
10-3 Stop transmitting.
10-4 Message received.
10-5 Relay message.
10-6 Busy.
10-6S Busy, stand by at station.
10-7 Out of service at (location).
10-7S Out of service at station.
10-8 In service, available for calls.
10-9 Repeat transmission.
10-10 Off duty, end of watch.
10-11 Identify frequency/talking too fast.
10-12 Remain in service/visitors present.
10-13 Advise weather and road conditions.
10-14 Escort or convoy.
10-15 En route to jail with prisoner.
10-15 Xray Female prisoner in custody.
10-16 Pick up prisoner.
10-16F Pick up felony prisoner.
10-17 Pick up reports at (location).
10-18 Complete assignment quickly.
10-19 Return to station or (location)/am en route to (location).
10-20 Give location/my location is.
10-21 Phone (location).
10-21H Phone your home.
10-22 Cancel or disregard.
10-23 Stand by.
10-24 Trouble at the station/Are you in service?
10-27 Request Driver's License information.
10-28 Request vehicle registration information.
10-29 Check for wants.
10-30 Does not conform to regulations/subject has no wants.
10-31 Subject has record, no wants.
10-32 Subject is wanted.
10-33 Request emergency clearance/emergency traffic on air.
10-34 Clearance for emergency message/assistance required immediately.
10-35 Confidential information or backup needed/Assist officer on car stop at (location).
10-36 Correct time/time check/warrant or FFA.
10-37 Record time and mileage.
10-39 Requested unit is en route/message received
10-40 Backup unit requested.
10-45 Pick up (subject) at (location).
10-46 Pick up prisoners' meals.
10-86 Are there any messages for this unit?
10-87 Meet an officer.
10-97 I have arrived at scene.
10-98 Call completed. Available for another.
10-99 Emergency—all units and stations


11-4 Potential emergency. Request for officer.
11-5 Public relations/assistance request.
11-6 Discharging firearms.
11-7 Prowler there now.
11-8 Person down.
11-10 Take a report.
11-12 Loose stock/dead animal.
11-13 Injured animal.
11-14 Animal bite.
11-15 Ball game in street.
11-17 Wires down.
11-24 Abandoned vehicle.
11-25 Traffic hazard.
11-25X Woman motorist needs assistance.
11-26 Request wants or warrants; driver detained.
11-27 Request driver's license information; driver detained; or subject has felony record, but is not wanted.
11-28 Rush vehicle registration information; driver detained.
11-29 Subject has no record or current wants.
11-30 Incomplete phone call/missing person, take report.
11-31 Person calling for help.
11-40 Advice if ambulance is needed.
11-41 Ambulance is required.
11-42 Ambulance is not required.
11-43 Ambulance followup/doctor required.
11-44 Coroner required.
11-45 Attempted suicide.
11-46 Death (non-traffic).
11-47 Injury (non-traffic).
11-48 Transportation request.
11-50 Field interview at (location).
11-51 Security or vacation check at (location).
11-60 Investigate water leak.
11-65 Investigate signal light out.
11-66 Defective traffic device at (location).
11-70 Fire alarm
11-71 Fire report
11-79 Traffic accident;ambulance has been dispatched.
11-80 Traffic accident; major injuries.
11-81 Traffic accident; minor injuries.
11-82 Traffic accident; no injury.
11-83 Traffic accident; no details given.
11-84 Direct traffic.
11-85 Send tow truck.
11-86 Special detail.
11-98 Meet the officer; meet me at (location).
11-99 Officer needs help urgently. All cars respond Code 3.

Not Used in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo Counties

901 Ambulance call
901A Ambulance call—attempted suicide
901B Ambulance call—drowning
901C Ambulavce call—cutting
901D Ambulance call—drunk
901G Ambulance call—gas
901H Ambulance call—dead body
901K Ambulance has been dispatched
901L Ambulance call—narcotic overdose
901N Ambulance requested
901S Ambulance call—shooting
901T Ambulance call—traffic accident
901Y Request ambulance if needed
902 Accident
902H Enroute to hospital
902M Medical aid needed
902T Traffic accident
903 Aircraft crash
903L Aircraft flying low
903S Aircraft stunting
903T Aircraft in trouble
904 Fire
904A Fire alarm
904B Brush fire
904C Car fire
904F Forest fire
904I Illegal burning
904S Structure fire
905B Animal bite
905D Dead animal
905I Injured animal
905S Stray animal
905V Vicious animal
906 Officer needs minor assistance
906C Officer needs assistance with vehicle
906K Rescue Dispatched
906N Rescue requested
907 Minor disturbance
907A Loud radio or TV
907B Ball game in street
907K Paramedics dispatched
907N Paramedics requested
907Y Paramedics needed
908 Begging
909 Traffic congestion
909B Road blockage
909F Flares needed
909T Traffing hazard
910 Can you handle call?
911 Advise party
911B Contact informant
912 Are we clear?
913 You are clear
914 Request detectives
914A Attempted suicide
914C Request coroner
914D Request doctor
914F Request fire department
914H Heart attack
914N Concerned party notified
914S Suicide
915 Dumping rubbish
916 Holding suspect
917A Abandoned vehicle
917P Hold vehicle for fingerprints
918 Mental case
918A Escaped mental patient
918V Violent mental case
919 Keep the peace
920 Missing adult
920A Found adult
920C Missing child
920F Found child
920J Missing juvenile
921 Prowler
921P Peeping Tom
922 Illegal peddling
924 Station detail
925 Suspicious person
926 Request tow truck
926A Tow truck dispatched
927 Investigate unknown trouble
927A Person pulled from telephone
927D Investigate possible dead body
928 Found property
929 Investigate person down
930 See a man regarding a complaint
931 See a woman regarding a complaint
932 Woman or child being abused
933 Open window
949 Gasoline spill
950 Burning permit
951 Request fire investigator
952 Report conditions
953 Check smoke report
954 Arrived at scene
955 Fire under control
956 Available for assignment
957 out on arrival
960X Carstop dangerous suspect
961 Take a report
962 Subject is armed and dangerous
966 Sniper
967 Outlaw motorcyclist
975 Can your suspect hear your radio?
981 The frequency is clear
982 Are we being recieved?
983 Explosion
995 Strike trouble
996 Explosion
996A Unexploded bomb
997 Officer needs help urgently; area units only respond Code 3
998 Officer involved in shooting; urgent; all cars respond Code 3
999 Officer needs help; urgent; all cars respond Code 3
1000 Starting operation now


148 Resisting or interfering with a police officer
187 Homicide
203 Mayhem
207 Kidnapping
207A Kidnapping attempt
211 Armed robbery
217 Assault with intent to murder
220 Attempted rape
240 Assault (misdemeanor)
242 Battery
245 Assault with a deadly weapon
261 Rape
261A Attempted rape
273 Assault on a person
288 Lewd conduct/sex crime
311 Indecent exposure
314 Indecent exposure
390 Drunk
390C Drunk in vehicle
390D Drunk unconcious
404 Riot
415 Disturbing the peace
415B Investigate the trouble
415C Disturbance—children involved
415D Disturbance—drink involved
415E Loud music or party
415F Disturbance—family
415G Disturbance—gang
417 Man with a gun
447 Arson
459 Burglary
459A Burglar alarm ringing
459S Burglar alarm—silent
470 Forgery
480 Hit and run (felony)
481 Hit and run (misdemeanor)
484 Petty theft
484PS Purse snatch
487 Grand theft
488 Petty theft
496 Possession of stolen property
502 Computer fraud
503 Auto theft
504 Tampering with a vehicle
505 Reckless driving
507 Public nuisance
537 DFI / defrauding an inkeeper
537E Defaced serial number
567 Drunk
586 Illegal parking
586E Vehicle blocking driveway
594 Malicious mischief
595 Runaway car
601 Juvenile problem
647 Vagrant
647A Vagrant loitering in public place
647F Public drunkenness
647FF Under influence of alchohol
647S Dope
653M Obscene/annoying phone call


10351 Driving without consent
10352 Tampering
10851 Grand theft/auto
10852 Tampering with vehicle
11500 Narcotics
11721 Narcotics addict
14601 Driving with a suspended or revoked license
20001 Hit and run accident with injuries
20002 Hit and run accident with property damage, no injuries
20007 Hit and run on unattended vehicle
21958 Drunk pedestrian on roadway
22350 Speeding
22500 Illegal parking
23103 Reckless driver
23105 Driver under influence of narcotics
23109 Cars racing
23110 Persons throwing objects at vehicles
23112 Dumping on highway
23121 Drinking in auto
23122 Open container
23127 Motorized vehicle
23151 Drunk driving; injury involved
23152 Driving under the influence


4140 Possession of a hypodermic syringe
5150 Mental case, not responsible (provides for 72 hour confinement for observation)
5880 Mental case
11357 Unauthorized possession of marijuana (not more than one ounce)
11358 Cultivation of marijuana
11359 Possession of marijuana for sales
11360 Transportation of marijuana for sales
11364 Possession of paraphernalia used to ingest controlled substances
11365 Presence in room or place where designated controlled substances are being smoked or used: aiding or abetting
11377 Possession of a controlled substance, e.g. methamphetamine
11550 Under influence of or in posession of controlled substance


23662 Minor in possession of alcohol





A Adam unit 1-person patrol unit
B Boy unit 2-person patrol unit
C Captain
D David unit Detective unit
F Frank unit Foot Patrol
G Coroner unit
J Juvenile unit
K CSI, ID, or Crime Lab unit
L Lincoln unit Lieutenant
M Mary unit Motorcycle
N Narcotics unit
O Aquatic unit
P Parking Enforcement unit
R Reserve unit
S Sam unit Sergeant
ST Staff Commanders
T Tom unit Traffic unit
V Vice/Intelligence unit
X Extra Patrol unit
Z Special Assignment unit
Air Aero Squadron
Commander Watch Commander
C.P. ("Sea Pea") Field Command Post
Executive Mayor, City Administrator
Hundred Chief of Police/Sherif
Medic Paramedic unit
Rescue Search and Rescue unit
Staff Staff Officer


A Home
F Felony
J Jail
M Misdemeanor
S Station
T Traffic
X Female
35 Frank Foot Patrol Officers


State and Federal Agencies

3 CHP, Buellton
9 CHP, Paso Robles
12 FBI, Santa Maria
14 CHP, Santa Maria
15 FBI, Santa Barbara
28 CHP, San Luis Obispo
29 CHP, Santa Barbara
69 CHP, Bakersfield

Sheriff's Department


21 SLOSO, Coast Station
22 SLOSO, North Station
23 SLOSO, South Station
24 SLOSO, Headquarters
25 SLOSO, Civil
26 SLOSO, Fld Command Post
27 SLOSO, Main Jail
31 SBSO, Headquarters
32 SBSO, Santa Maria Stn
34 SBSO, Lompoc Stn
35 SBSO, Santa Barbara Stn
35F SBSO, Isla Vista Foot Patrol
36 SBSO, Santa Ynez Stn
37 SBSO, Cuyama Stn
38 SBSO, Jail/Transportation

Police Department


39 Coastal Operations (Carpinteria, Montecito, Summerland)
40 Cuesta College Police Department
41 Paso Robles P.D.
42 San Luis Obispo P.D.
43 Morro Bay P.D.
44 Pismo Beach P.D.
45 Grover City P.D.
46 Arroyo Grande P.D.
47 Cal Poly P.D.
48 Atascadero P.D.
51 Guadalupe P.D.
52 Santa Maria P.D.
53 UCSB P.D.
54 Lompoc P.D.
55 Santa Barbara P.D.

County Agencies

Civil Division—SBSO

61 DA, San Luis Obispo
71 DA, Santa Barbara
72 SBSO, Santa Maria
74 SBSO, Lompoc
75 SBSO, Santa Barbara


AC Aircraft crash
AID Accident Investigation Detail
ADW Assault with a deadly weapon
AGE Aid in gaining entry
AKA Also known as
ASAP As soon as possible
ATC Attempt to contact
ATL Attempt to locate
AWOL Absent without leave
B&E Breaking and entering
BO Out of order (not working)
BOL Be on the lookout
BT Bomb threat ("Bravo Tango")
CP Complaining party
CHP California Highway Patrol
CPD City (or county) property damage
CRT Information Computer
CVC California Vehicle Code
DA District Attorney
DB Dead body
D/C Discovering party
DDL Driver's license
Deuce Drunk driver
DNA Does not apply
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
DOA Dead on arrival
EOW End of watch/shift
East Off campus to the East side
ETA Estimated time of arrival
FTA Failure to appear
F 647F (often said as "an F subject") = drunk in public
FTP Failure to pay
F & U False and unfounded
GOA Gone on arrival
GTA Grand theft auto
H & S Health and Safety Code
HBD Has been drinking
J Juvenile involved
Landline On the telephone now
NCIC National Crime Information Center
NFD No further description (or "no further")
NFI No further information (or "no further")
N/R No report
OAA Outside agency assist
OIC Officer in charge
PAB Police Administration Building
PC Penal Code/party complaining
PD Police Department
PR Party reporting
PSMR Please see me regarding
QOA Quiet on arrival - used on party/loud music calls
QOD Quiet on departure - used on party/loud music calls
QT Secrecy of location required
Rabbit Subject know to run/evade
R/O Registered owner
RP Reporting party
SO Sheriff's Office
TA Traffic accident
TC Traffic collision
TFMV Theft from motor vehicle
UTL Unable to locate
VIN Vehicle identification number
W Female involved
West Off campus to the West side
X Female


race example: WMA (white male adult)
age 20's
height 5'7"
weight 150 lbs.
hair brown hair
eyes blue eyes
facial hair full beard
clothes (from head to toe:) yellow T-shirt, blue jeans, sandals carrying a white backpack last seen heading West on the Pardall bikepath (always advise direction of travel)


C Color Example: Red
Y Year 1953
M Model Plymouth
B Body type 4-door
A And
L License number license HYX819


ECR El Camino Real (generally follows Highway 1 or 101)
LOVR Los Osos Valley Road

Note: California Law is a valuable resource for many state codes.

Last modified: March 12, 2005

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