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Diabetes Diet

The Fat Paradox

Almost everything that we thought we knew about fat is wrong.

The “really bad fats,” according to Barry Sears of The Zone fame, are saturated fats, trans fats, and arachidonic acid. He says that the polyunsaturated fat known as arachidonic acid “may be the most dangerous fat known when consumed in excess.” Continue Reading

Diabetes Complications

Another Reason to Lose Weight

We already had several good reasons to lose weight. Now we have another one.

The overwhelming majority of those of us adults who have been diagnosed with diabetes are overweight or obese. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 85.2 percent of us are either overweight or obese, of which 54.8 percent of us are obese. This is based on large surveys of Americans with diabetes. Continue Reading

Diabetes Diet

Lose Weight Without Starving

When you try to lose a few pounds, do you ever get so hungry that you feel like you’re starving?

If you are in that small group of people with diabetes who isn’t trying to lose weight, please go on to something relevant to you. And if you know how to lose weight without hunger, please add your tips as comments here. Continue Reading

Diabetes Diet

Tips for Weight Loss

If you are one of the small minority of those of us who have diabetes but have a normal weight, you are excused. You can read my other articles here.

But if you are among the 85 percent of people with diabetes who are overweight, please read on. Please also send me your comments on the successful strategies that you use to lose weight. I want to be able to include your best tips in my forthcoming book. Continue Reading


Diabetes, Weight, and Bugs

There’s definitely a connection between being overweight and having diabetes. The only problem is that nobody knows what it is.

More than 85 percent of us with diabetes – myself included – weigh more that a normal body mass index of 25. I hadn’t believed that the proportion of us who are overweight was so high until I read the latest government study. Continue Reading

Diabetes Diet

Not Fat Enough

Robert has type 2 diabetes and is too thin. A few days ago he wrote me that he had searched all over for help and needed “some kind of guide on gaining weight.”

He is 6′ 2″ and says that he needs 2,500 to 3,000 calories a day (because of his workout routines) to get up to 180 to 185 pounds.

Unlike Robert, almost everyone with diabetes is trying to lose weight. But a few need to gain.

It’s not only most of those with type 1 who are too thin. Even some of us with type 2 are trying to get up to a healthy weight, a problem that most people with diabetes would love to have. But aspects of the best strategy for gaining weight apply equally for those who would like to lose weight. Continue Reading