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Diabetes Testing

A Meter for the Road

One more meter for the road is a lot better than another drink. Home Diagnostics in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, just came out with the smallest blood glucose meter ever. People with diabetes now have at least three tiny meters to take along in the car, on the trail, or anywhere we go.

If you are old enough to remember Frank Sinatra’s moving rendition of “One for My Baby (and One More for the Road)” you will catch my comparison between meters and alcohol for the road. The new meter for anyone who travels is the True2go.

This unbelievably small meter is little bigger than a stack of a dozen quarters. But it weighs a lot less — 0.7 ounces, while the 12 quarters weigh 2.4 ounces.

Small Enough?
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Diabetes Testing

Less Meter is More

This weekend I happened to sit down for breakfast at our local farmers’ market with a couple of young women. I noticed that one of them was checking her blood glucose with the original FreeStyle meter and couldn’t resist striking up a conversation with her. Continue Reading

Diabetes Testing

New Meters

The blood glucose meter battle is heating up. And we are winning.

Coincidentally or not, two of the biggest diabetes companies say that they have new meters. And industry scuttlebutt says that the other major meter company has one coming soon. Continue Reading