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Diabetes Testing

Remote Blood Glucose Tracking

It took me more than two years, but I finally got my hands on a neat little device that lets you use a standard phone line to upload information from a blood glucose meter to a secure server. Then, your health care team can review the reports and graphs to use in helping you to manage your diabetes. Continue Reading

Diabetes Testing

A is for Accuracy

When we talk about blood glucose meter specs, we using consider how fast the meter is and the sample size. That’s because few meters have any accuracy worth talking about.

But one small company concentrates on accuracy. And this company, AgaMatrix Inc. in Salem, New Hampshire, just came out with a new meter that I think will blow away the competition. Continue Reading

Diabetes Testing

Wireless Monitoring

The second generation of blood glucose meters is beginning to arrive. But it may not be what most people think it is.

It may not be continuous sensors, some of which are already here. They show our blood glucose trends and can warn of us impending hypos or hypers even while we are asleep. But few people with diabetes can afford them, because hardly any health insurance companies will reimburse you for them. Continue Reading