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Glucocard X-Meter

The idea of intelligent design might or might not explain the universe. But it certainly applies to Arkray’s Glucocard X-Meter and X-Sensors.

Two years ago Arkray of Kyoto, Japan, bought out Hypoguard, which developed the original Glucocard blood glucose meters, and is now Arkray USA in Minneapolis. While the term “Hypoguard” is a great name for a line of blood glucose meters, Arkray means “radiance of life” in Japanese.

The design of the newest Glucocard system is intelligent partly because it’s clearly made for you to take with you everywhere. It’s light and thin.

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Diabetes Testing

Meter Reports

Whenever Consumer Reports evaluates blood glucose meters, it’s big news. Three people already emailed me to ask what I think about the magazine’s review. And on Thursday I just got my copy of the September 2008 issue in which the review appears.

With a monthly circulation of about 4 million copies, what Consumer Reports writes about meters matters. This is one of the dozen biggest magazines in the country and the only one that prides itself on its editorial independence in accepting no advertising. And I’m not aware of any other general interest publication that regularly rates our meters.

Its new review rated 13 meters from eight different manufacturers. This is the same number of meters as it rated in its previous review for its August 2005 issue. But the meter market has changed so much in the past three years that almost all of the meters rated in the new review are different.
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The Telemeter Trend

The new trend to wireless blood glucose meters is now in full swing. Earlier, in my “Wireless Monitoring” article here I reported that the second generation of blood glucose meters will automatically or semi-automatically send your blood glucose results to your doctor or nurse or a separate medical facility. Continue Reading